Upgrade of L-Soft’s Software Provides Choose-and-Customise Newsletter Gallery, UTF-8 Support

London, December 10, 2009 – LISTSERV® 16.0, released today, gives email list communicators the tools they need to ensure that they are using their budget and resources on email that looks good, is read by subscribers and gets results. This new version of the trademarked industry standard software offers a newsletter gallery system that includes high-quality, attractive HTML newsletter templates, within an efficient, user-friendly console that virtually all staff can use with ease.

The intuitive content-development system and integrated HTML editor allow even non-technical staff to send first-rate HTML newsletters and messages. Organisations, such as small and mid-sized businesses or non-profits with a specialised focus but limited technical staff, can easily create their own newsletter templates, drawing on L-Soft’s 15+ years of experience and best practice knowledge.

And with comprehensive UTF-8 support, LISTSERV lists can operate in virtually any language, adding value and inclusiveness to global and scientific communication. With the UTF-8 support in both the software and the web interface, lists and subscribers that operate in other languages and use charsets other than ISO-8859-1 are supported.

"LISTSERV 16.0 is a vitamin kick for email communicators who now have to do more with less. It makes it easy to engage customers and constituents with fresh, colourful newsletters that at the same time implement industry best practices," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO, who developed LISTSERV in 1986. "Anyone can master the LISTSERV newsletter gallery in a few hours and create attractive newsletters without any design or IT knowledge."

LISTSERV 16.0 can help all types of organisations communicate with reliability and value by improving HTML design and supporting lists and subscribers in any language. Examples include:
• An international network of academic researchers collaborating on a journal article across different languages with specialised discussion lists and archives in all languages
• A business marketing its products or services by sending eye-catching and informative newsletters with customized offers and valuable product tips to subscribers
• An association communicating with members about an upcoming webinar by sending email invitations and reminders
• A university keeping strong relationships with alumnae and prospective donors by creating regionally targeted email newsletters, covering local alumni events and news and incorporating university logos and photos of the campus
• A law firm informing its clients around the world and in all languages regarding a key corporate leadership change via email alerts and through RSS feeds

Also included in the latest LISTSERV software version is the capability for senders to schedule their deliveries in advance and send test messages of newsletters to their own addresses before posting, which is particularly useful for HTML newsletters as HTML standards are supported unevenly across email clients. LISTSERV 16.0 also features an advanced content analysis check, because no one can afford to waste resources on email that never reaches its intended recipients. Using the SpamAssassin system in LISTSERV 16.0, senders get an instant score indicating the likelihood of an email getting flagged as spam – especially important because more and more legitimate email is not being delivered because of overzealous spam filtering. In addition, the SpamAssassin system highlights specific details about an individual message that might be problematic and provides best practices to help senders improve deliverability on an ongoing basis.

JISCMail, which is The National Academic Mailing List Service – a UK service designed specifically for the further and higher education and research communities – runs on LISTSERV 16.0 at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. World Wide Words, winner of L-Soft's Timeless Award and dedicated to international English from a British viewpoint, is also powered by LISTSERV software.

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Published on: 9:00AM on 10th December 2009