Despite cutoff delivery dates for Christmas Day being passed, people were still shopping on line right up to Christmas day and online retailers were still despatching their goods on Christmas Eve. This was discovered by MetaPack’s eCommerce 100 tracker. MetaPack is the software not only used by some of the largest online retailers to manage the despatch and delivery of their goods but also by etailers of all sizes. The eCommerce 100 tracker is a system that has been put in place to track a cross section of one hundred e-tailers from MetaPack’s diverse client base in order to record trends and provide industry data.

Patrick Wall, CEO of MetaPack is not surprised by these findings,“on-line shopping has clearly established itself as part of the Christmas routine. Shoppers are proving that they trust on-line delivery by placing their orders closer and closer to Christmas week. Gradually, shopping on line feels as safe as going to the shops themselves, just more choice and better prices. This is also why the figures will remain strong even after Christmas, with people preferring to hunt for bargains online rather than facing the crowds on the high street. It is the winning combination that will see eretail go from strength to strength in the years ahead.”

While some etailers were still taking orders online yet were not open to process them, companies such as JD Sports, House of Fraser and Asos have been operational every day over the last week (bar Christmas day) processing orders ready for despatch through MetaPack on the first working day after Christmas – Tuesday 29th. This is indicative of the 24/7 mentality online shoppers have and are starting expect from their etailers, with the instant gratification of quick, painless delivery - and the leaders in the field are responding.

The figures recorded after Christmas matched Wall’s prediction with online activity remaining strong. Tuesday 29th was the fifth highest with regards to sales made and parcels despatched, over the Christmas season (behind the preceding four Mondays) and a staggering 244% up on the previous day.

Published on: 11:19AM on 31st December 2009