MetaPack, this year’s sponsor of the Snow Valley Report on Online Retail Delivery, have released a supporting white paper. The white paper explores the results of the report with a more discursive reasoning than the quantitative results allow while discussing, in a step by step manner, how to go about achieving delivery excellence.

Patrick Wall, CEO of MetaPack states, “MetaPack works hard to play a positive role in the home delivery industry; working alongside retailers of all sizes, eCommerce companies and the carrier industry, bringing them together in a seamless solution that benefits them all. But most importantly; also raising the standards of home delivery so that it no longer becomes a deterrent for those looking to shop online.” He goes on to say, “The Snow Valley report is particularly valuable for retailer benchmarking, not only to compare the customer proposition at the website (which was in MetaPack’s original report back in 2004), but additionally, to find out what is actually going on through the end-to-end process. We have used these findings to support the push to best practise in delivery as set out in standards such as the IDIS Gold, and have explained how to achieve these in our white paper.”

Along with the trends highlighted in the report, MetaPack have noticed a further three. Joined up customer service; the same last mile customer experience regardless of which carriers are used. Better returns; making it easier for customers to return items. And finally that smaller e-retailers are falling behind their larger counterparts in the race for delivery excellence, which they say need not be the case.

Both the white paper and delivery report can be requested free of charge from MetaPack’s website:

Published on: 11:58AM on 22nd January 2010