Site Visitors Will See Election-Centric Messaging on Browsers

NEW YORK (November 1, 2004) The ten websites of the ABC Owned TV Stations in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago will deploy special United Virtualities Ooqa-OoqaTM Branded Browsers to provide a fast link to election news.

Starting today, United Virtualities’ Ooqa-Ooqa will transform each visitor’s browser toolbar that sits atop specially designated Web pages on each of the ABC sites into an election-centric branded browser while preserving all of the user’s normal toolbar functionality. The campaign can be seen at

Other sites participating include WABC-TV; KABC-TV; WLS-TV; and WPVI-TV

“Ooqa-Ooqa is a unique tool embraced by advertisers because it brings a new dynamic to the user relationship as the user interacts with the brand both actively (via brand functionalities) and passively (via standard browser buttons),” says Mookie Tenembaum, founder of United Virtualities. “In this case, we are delighted that ABC’s Owned Stations will use Ooqa to help keep voters informed with up to the minute information during this important election.”

Similar to the way colour enriched black and white TV, the Ooqa-Ooqa dynamically enhances the visitors’ browser into a far more colourful experience without affecting the basic browser or its functions since nothing is downloaded to a user’s computer. Other enrichments include the ability for sites running Ooqa-Ooqa to add new functions which are virtually unlimited from a creative standpoint such as movie trailers, streaming music, news and stock tickers, currency converters, Amber Alerts, direct sponsor links, etc. that help the user and/or are related to the Website’s brand or an advertiser’s message. The ABC Ooqa-Ooqa’s will include a link to ‘up-to-the-minute voter information’.

In accordance with United Virtualities’ user-centric philosophy, giving them the control of their Web experience, users will always have a clear option to turn off Ooqa Ooqa and go back to their regular browsers. Ooqa-Ooqa was recently launched in the UK in a global deal with United International Pictures and ran a Red Sox-branded browser during the World Series.


Editor’s notes

About United Virtualities
United Virtualities is the leading provider of innovative, advanced online advertising technology for marketers, their ad agencies and web publishers. It offers a variety of rich media platforms that are user-friendly and require no downloads to launch and play. Organisations around the world use United Virtualities' rich-media technologies, enabling them to leverage dynamic, vibrant web creative in the most distinctive ways imaginable.

United Virtualities is best known as the originator of beyond-the-banner advertising with ShoshkeleTM, one of the most successful rich-media platforms in the industry. UV continues to re-invest heavily in R&D to create and rapidly deploy new online marketing solutions that anticipate and exceed clients’ requirements. The company devotes 20% of its entire workforce to Quality Assurance in the process of providing the best customer service in the online advertising industry.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd November 2004