Take a peek through the windows of Agent Provocateur

November 2004 sees the launch of Agent Provocateur’s third reincarnation of its award winning website with the launch of ‘Shop Windows’ at www.agentprovocateur.com. The website is designed by London agency Large, www.largedesign.com and has already been hailed ‘The World’s Sexiest Site’ by Vogue who got special sneak preview.

Agent Provocateur’s innovative store displays form the inspiration behind a new concept site, which showcases their latest lingerie collection. The re-launched site celebrates 10 years of Agent Provocateur and its innovative ‘Shop Windows’.

Over the last decade, the famous Agent Provocateur window displays have succeeded in breaking all barriers between reality and sexual fantasy, through engaging and intriguing visual concepts. The ‘Shop Windows’ website brings a new dimension to the customer.

The new concept site will present four ‘Shop Window’ scenes; the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor. Each handmade scene is brought to life through the clever combination of models and mannequins; the result of this artistic creation is a fantasy Agent Provocateur world combining 2 and 3-dimensional visual experiences.

Each scene is presented through a full screen environment where the computer becomes the membrane between fantasy and reality, unfolding in front of your eyes. A further level is added to the Agent Provocateur on-line experience through creative animation, designed to entice visitors to further explore their personal fantasies. At this point of navigation, the site banishes all constraints and barriers allowing the user to experience a sense of voyeurism that enables them to become immersed within the site and, at points, even takes total control of what happens inside the window.

To complement the new concept site, Agent Provocateur have made significant improvements to their on-line shopping experience, making it easier to navigate, shop and browse, hassle free. Viewing and buying lingerie has never been simpler. Clear, high resolution imagery featuring the intricate detailing of each piece of lingerie, as well as range and item descriptions, provides all the information needed to make that purchase decision the right one.

‘AP ranges’ offers a speedy on-line shopping facility, the user is given the option to go into specific areas of interest e.g. New ranges, Classic ranges, Beauty products (including the new Titillation – Lip & Nipple Balm), hosiery, Kinky Leather and other Agent Provocateur accessories.

For further information or images, please contact:
Lars Hemming Jorgensen
+44 20 7729 2040

Published on: 12:00AM on 4th November 2004