New data shows that men are more organized and more generous than women when it comes to buying Valentine’s gifts online.

When it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts online for their partners it appears that men are more organized than their partners, buying on average, 2 days before women. On top of this they also spend up to 60% more on their ladies.

Research released by Opazlight International who owns the popular websites and in collaboration with their search engine marketing agency, Mediarun Search has shed light on the differing online purchasing behaviour of men and women. Mining several years of online data, the two companies have been keenly aware of the subtle differences between the way men and women like to shop.

The differences can also be seen in the type of gifts bought. Women are more prepared to get a bit naughty, buying toys and games for the bedroom, while men are on the whole more conservative in their choices, preferring jewellery and chocolates.

Jignesh Ghaghada, Managing Director of Opazlight commented, “I was surprised to see men starting to buy for their Valentines so early in the year. There’s always a contingent that leaves it late but on average consumers, in particular; men are searching and shopping well in advance of the 14th.”

Alex Wares, Managing Director of Mediarun Search said, “Searching, comparing and buying online is second nature for many consumers now. We have been trained how to find the best deals and to consider delivery times when purchasing.”

The research was based on information from 70,000 visitors who had arrived on both websites in the month leading up to Valentine’s Day 2010 after searching for a Valentine’s gift. With 2 sites devoted to either gender, Opazlight are in a unique position to compare the behaviour and decisions of men and women.While the data is subjective and concerned only with online shopping, it ably demonstrates how gender plays a significant role in e-commerce and online marketing.

“The analysis of the purchasing habits of men and women during the Valentine’s period seem to challenge our generally held pre-conceptions of stereotypical gender behaviour. These statistics drive home the importance of having a search marketing strategy that is flexible to adapt to customer buying behaviour in order to maximise ROI through effective time, price and product targeting” added Alex Wares, Managing Director of Mediarun Search.


Mediarun Search: Paul North – 020 7843 2266
Opazlight International: Nick Southall –
Date range of quoted statistics – Jan 12th-Feb 11th, 2010

Published on: 5:28AM on 13th February 2010