The world leader in organic search marketing services, YourAmigo, has been able to consistently provide 5%-25% extra revenue to clients over the lifetime of organic search campaigns, the company found after reviewing three years of data.

YourAmigo’s artificial intelligence technology, Spider Linker™, manages over 160 million pages for clients in 32 countries and uses statistically-relevant user behaviour data to bridge the gap between traditional search campaigns that primarily identify top selling keywords, and the millions of different search phrases online shoppers use everyday which are often not optimised for.

Ken Saman, YourAmigo’s VP of Operations explained, “This is an extremely important strategy for Online Marketing Managers to consider. Not only does YourAmigo provide a service that converts on thousands of previously unidentified search terms, but we create a more positive shopping experience for the client.” Mr Saman continued. “Searchers find our clients' products much more easily as our pages rank so highly due to the specific nature of the relevant content.”

Gary Smith, VP Worldwide Marketing stated, “One of our blue-chip clients is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers - using Spider Linker’s artificial intelligence capabilities, we captured over USD$16 million in completely new, untapped revenue in just five months. The campaign was so successful that Spider Linker™ was expanded to 8 new countries.”

Spider Linker’s portfolio of organic search marketing services also improved conversions by 29.1% through its real-time contextual advertising capabilities, out-of-stock and end-of-line product management, multivariate testing, and by targeting top-selling and profitable products, whilst addressing changes in real time.

About YourAmigo

YourAmigo is the world leader in artificial intelligence organic search marketing services through its unique Spider Linker™ solution, delivering millions of dollars annually in new revenues for larger online retailers. Spider Linker™ captures and analyses masses of live searcher behavior data everyday, discovers the gaps between known and newly identified search phrases, and adapts by creating thousands of new, relevant pages for these search phrases. Spider Linker’s artificial intelligence provides daily improvements resulting in high rankings for millions of new webpages, significantly increasing the volume of incremental traffic and sales for clients across 32 countries.

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Published on: 6:42AM on 22nd February 2010