--- B2B Transactional Database is First for the UK ---

London, 10 November, 2004 --- Abacus UK – a division of DoubleClick Inc. (NASDAQ: DCLK) – a leading data and research provider to the direct marketing industry, today announced the launch of the Abacus b2b Alliance, targeted at UK business-to-business direct marketers. This new solution will deliver major benefits to a wide range of sectors including office supplies, corporate gifts, IT, telecoms, industrial, and seminar and training.

With over 6 years of data pooling experience in the UK consumer market, Abacus UK is now making this expertise available to B2B marketers. A proven concept in the United States, the Abacus b2b Alliance works as a cooperative database into which B2B marketers contribute their customer information, including transactional data.

By pooling and analysing an individual’s purchase history across multiple companies, Alliance members are able to source high volume, high performing prospect lists that identify those who make the buying decisions, what they purchase, and how often, which in turn enables them to target and communicate with their new and existing customers more effectively.

The UK b2b Alliance offers members two Abacus products: Acquisition Modelling, which enables them to find qualified prospects beyond their own client database; and Retention Modelling, which helps marketers to increase profits from their own database, such as reactivating past clients that are still actively purchasing products and services from other companies.

Eileen White, Director, Customer Acquisition, Staples commented: "Being a member of the US Alliance has given Staples access to a new source of responsive data at a time when traditional lists were failing to deliver results. Membership has led us to change the way we approach our direct mail activity and helped improve the effectiveness and profitability of our activity."

Andy McDermott, Managing Director, Abacus UK said: "Our research showed that traditional targeting criteria based on standard business information provides direction and insight but no longer offers the precise targeting that today’s B2B marketer demands. The Abacus b2b Alliance is putting actual purchasing information at the heart of targeting, which is widely recognised as the best indicator of future behaviour. With an understanding of someone’s purchases across the combined Alliance database, companies will achieve a new dimension in their targeting not previously available."

Although new to the UK B2B market, the fast growing b2b Alliance database in the US currently holds 75 million active buyers and over 1bn of sales transactions worth $100bn. At the same time, Abacus has over 14 years experience in developing complex cooperative databases globally and is the market leader in the B2C sector.

About Abacus
Abacus, a division of DoubleClick Inc., is a leading data and research provider to the direct marketing industry. Abacus currently has operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Australia and France. The United States business consists of the largest proprietary database of consumer catalogue buying behaviour anywhere in the world, derived from over 1,800 Alliance companies. In the U.K., the B2C Alliance comprises over 410 participants and a database of about 18.5 million households. It is the largest B2C mail order data cooperative in the UK.

For more information please visit: http://www.abacusalliance.com/uk/


Emma Williamson
AxiCom (for Abacus)
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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th November 2004