Two new seminars from the Chartered Institute of Marketing

November 22nd London, November 23rd Reading (1/2 day from just £89 including lunch)

The legal position for on-line marketers keeps changing. With noises coming out of the authorities that they are about to take a tougher stance, this is the ideal opportunity to find out what your obligations are and what you can do about them.

We’ll be covering data protection legislation, distance selling rules as well as the new DDA accessibility law’s that have come into force this October and other hot topics. These topics are vital for every business to understand if they are to make sure there business is not breaking the law.

To take us through the issues surrounding DDA and accessibility we’re joined by Donna Smillie from the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB), one of the major sponsors behind the new DDA bill and someone who we can rely on to set us straight on what we need to do to ensure compliance.
Next Monday we are partnering up with the Chartered Institute of Marketing to offer a full informative one day seminar on how to exploit the on-line opportunities to us in travel and tourism.

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TRAVEL SPECIAL: Marketing to the on-line Travel Consumer

December 6th – Hop Farm, Kent (Full day for just £129 including lunch)

According to Hitwise, travel and tourism websites now account for 5% of all web traffic as consumers switch to on-line in ever greater numbers. It is not going to stop there, with Forrester predicting further extensive growth for the foreseeable future.

The question is what should your business be doing to reach these consumers cost effectively?

Our travel special is a practical seminar aimed at practicing marketers who want real answers about how to make key on-line marketing tools such as search, pay-per-click and e-mail marketing work.

All of our speakers have extensive experience in the travel sector, with their own businesses being leaders in their respective fields. If you’re looking for practical advice and real actionable tips then this seminar is for you.

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These workshops are highly participative giving you the chance to test what you learn against your own experience. There is the added bonus of working with like minded individuals who act as a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off. E-Connections is, in fact, about as close to consultancy as you can get without hiring a consultant.


1.Learn enough about the technology to know what it can do.
2. Look at what it can do for marketing activities in your business sector
3.Look at what changes your organisation might be necessary to enable your people to embrace opportunity.

e-Connections is an outreach programme of CIM in the South East to demonstrate the effective use of information and communications technology in (proactive) marketing practice.

E-connections is organised on behalf of the CIM by Craig Hanna, Director of Strategy, Designate (, 01273 704040).

Published on: 12:00AM on 11th November 2004