Online retailer Tackle Discounts, who went live with MetaPack’s delivery management system last year and have reported a 30-40% increase in turnover and a 15% decrease in delivery costs since using the software. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this without MetaPack. MetaPack have provided us with the flexibility to easily add new carriers without the painful rigmarole of setting them up,” explains Andrew Train, Managing Director of Tackle Discounts. This flexibility allows them to make the best use of carriers’ core competencies, as MetaPack automatically allocates assignments to the most suitable one for the job.

They have also made resource savings of 40%, owing to improvements in the time taken to despatch. “Where we had nine or ten staff at the pack bench, we now only need six meaning we can make better use of the remaining four in other parts of the business.” Andrew goes on to say, “MetaPack has been instrumental in the streamlining process of the company.”

Using MetaPack for their international shipments has also simplified processes, “it’s easy and has made a massive difference; a huge help to the girls in the warehouse,” explains Andrew, “there’s now no need to separate and fill in documentation, MetaPack prints it all out so they’re less likely to make a mistake or forget something.”

Andrew concludes, “using MetaPack is one of the best things we’ve done. It has made shipping so much easier which has had a positive knock on effect throughout the company. It really is a no-brainer!”


Published on: 12:41PM on 17th March 2010