StrongMail Social Studio provides social media marketers with all-in-one platform for campaign management, viral marketing and social sharing; Available now via 60-day free trial

Redwood City, Calif., March 10, 2010 – StrongMail, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for email and social media, today announced the launch of Social Studio™, a centralized campaign management application that is now being made available to professional social media marketers. Available for a limited time as a 60-day free trial, StrongMail Social Studio is a first of its kind suite of products that enables marketers to engage their brand influencers in social channels with detailed performance measurement and analytics. StrongMail also announced today the availability of new social media strategic services in a separate announcement.

Social Studio combines the power of StrongMail's industry-leading social marketing tools with Social Direct, the latest addition to StrongMail's growing line of communication and marketing solutions for social media. Social Direct, currently in private beta, builds upon StrongMail’s commitment to social media marketing, which began with the acquisition of social media marketing leader Popular Media in June 2009. The Social Studio suite offers marketers a way to target, measure and optimize multi-channel social media marketing campaigns, with detailed analytics for measuring reach, engagement and performance – all while identifying their biggest brand advocates and tracking conversions.

Social media marketers have traditionally been starved for measurement and metrics – and the measurement that does exist tends to focus on awareness metrics that are traditional to advertising, such as number of impressions and increased reach. StrongMail has taken a different approach by enabling every product in the Social Studio suite to track conversions in addition to reach and awareness metrics. This enables marketers to understand the true impact each social media campaign contributes to key business objectives, such as driving revenue, subscriptions or downloads.

"Until now, marketers have been limited in their ability to measure the impact of social media on their business, but StrongMail Social Studio changes the game," said Ryan Deutsch, vice president of emerging media at StrongMail. "Marketers finally have access to the metrics that they need to evaluate the performance of their social media efforts. Whether they are launching viral referral campaigns or making content sharable, everything can be measured and tracked back to the business’ bottom line. 2010 will be the year of accountability for social media marketing."

StrongMail Social Studio consists of the following solutions that are driving measureable results for organizations across a variety of vertical industries.
• StrongMail Influencer™ – Acquire new customers by launching viral marketing campaigns that leverage your biggest brand advocates to spread the word about your brand or offer. Get detailed reports on sharing behavior and conversions, and build loyalty segments for future re-marketing efforts.
• Social Notes® – Enable website visitors and email subscribers to share branded content across the top social networks, blogs and email. View the most popular content and social sharing channels alongside usage activity such as views, clicks and conversion rates.
• Social Direct™ Beta - Launch targeted, direct-response campaigns into Twitter and Facebook and track performance all the way to the conversion. Manage multiple profiles and analyze post metrics individually or at the campaign level in real-time.

StrongMail Social Studio is available immediately and can be accessed as a free 60-day trial for professional marketers who sign up at the following link by March 22:

Social Direct is currently in private beta and scheduled for general release in Q2 2010. Visit the following link to request access to the private beta:

StrongMail’s online marketing solutions for email and social media enable businesses to reach, engage and influence their target audience using the most powerful channels available to marketers today. StrongMail gives email marketers the control and support they need to improve campaign performance, boost deliverability and lower costs, while also leveraging the power of social media to extend the reach of their campaigns and brand to new audiences. Combining an easy-to-use email marketing application, high-performance delivery system, viral-marketing tool, social media integration, and a wide range of deliverability, strategic and supporting services, StrongMail makes it possible for companies with all levels of resources and expertise to take advantage of its proven solutions. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, StrongMail’s clients include global leaders across virtually every industry. To learn more about StrongMail, please visit or follow us online at or

Kevin Cheng
Eastwick Communications for StrongMail

Published on: 4:32PM on 24th March 2010