Macdonald Hotels has invested in a new service offered by RedEye to help clients improve conversion. The service, conversion optimisation, has helped Macdonald Hotels achieve an ROI of 4700%.

Conversion optimisation is a new service offered by RedEye to help clients improve their online marketing strategy by integrating web analytics with usability to fully understand the behaviour of online customers.

As part of the service implemented by Macdonald Hotels, RedEye carried out an expert usability review of the Macdonald Hotels website incorporating analytics research on the user experience. Using this information RedEye produced a clear evidence-based optimisation report detailing the findings along with recommendations to improve the website. For Macdonald Hotels two of these improvements were embedding registration into the booking process and introducing a ‘please wait’ animation for the hotel search.

As part of the service RedEye also investigated areas to use email to re-engage users who started a booking but failed to complete it. A specific abandoned booking process was devised to understand the behaviour of these users and a behavioural email campaign was designed to communicate back to these users in a targeted and timely fashion encouraging re-engagement.

From the usability improvements recommended by RedEye and the email marketing campaign implemented by RedEye the following results were achieved:

Over £350,000 in increased revenue was received over the first year.
There was a 12.15% increase in conversion of people searching on the website.
If all these additional searches went on to book it would equate to an additional 6,089 opportunities to book each month, equalling a huge £1,273,757.91 sales opportunities per month.
Based on the current average conversion (2.52%), an extra 153 bookings could be made per month, equalling around £32,006.07 worth of sales per month; an annual increase in revenue of £384,072.
The abandoned process behavioural email program received a 40% click-through.
40% of users receiving the initial email clicked through to the site.
Of these, 65% actively searched for a hotel and 4% went on to make a booking.
Registrations doubled without affecting conversion.
The exit rate from the booking page was not affected and the average pages seen on site and the time taken to book did not change. This indicates the changes have not had any negative affect on the overall user experience.
The registration rate from booking almost doubled from 36.1% to 71.6%.
Overall ROI of the conversion optimisation project was 4700%.
For every £100 spent on conversion optimisation, Macdonald Hotels received £4,700 in additional revenue.

Pamela Robertson, Marketing Manager at Macdonald Hotels said, “We’ve been working with RedEye for a long time and have always been impressed with the results they achieve. RedEye’s conversion optimisation process has really helped us get the most from our website. Through a thorough usability analysis based on both testing and analytics we now know exactly what activity will work for us. I think the results from the activities implemented speak for themselves. We are looking forward to continuing optimisation work with RedEye to ensure we are constantly improving our site.”

Andrew Stockwell, Head of Account Management at RedEye said, “We are very excited about the new service [conversion optimisation] RedEye is now able to offer. The results we have achieved working with Macdonald Hotels speak for themselves. We are looking forward to helping many more clients achieve the same results.”

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Published on: 10:45AM on 30th March 2010