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Embargo: Thursday 1st April 2010, 0:00 BST

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LONDON, 1st April 2010 – Touchnote, the photo postcard company, has announced that it will be integrating with the new X-ray scanners installed recently by the UK Airport Authority. Travellers passing through the X-ray devices will be able to log onto the UK Airport Authority's website to see their scan and then send it to friends and family as a postcard from as little as £1.49 to anywhere in the world.

Raam Thakrar, CEO of Touchnote, commented, “There are specific benefits to both parties using each other’s technology. The airports get a new revenue stream and customers get a physical postcard at their doorstep; meanwhile Touchnote enjoys access to the X-ray scanners’ incredible technology. You really can see every square inch, the resolution is amazing.”

UK Airport Authority spokesman Ike Anseeyu observed that “the scanners haven’t been everyone’s cup of tea and we have received some bad press. However, we see this as a really fun way of showcasing our technology. Plus lots of travellers will have been working out before their holidays and will want to show off to friends and family how fit and thin they have become.”

Touchnote’s technology will automatically preserve traveller’s modesty by using either mosaic blurs or black out bars to hide chest and genital areas. However, for an extra 50p, customers will also be able to enlarge the mosaic blur or blacked out bar. Ike Anseeyu said “as the rooms often have very strong air conditioning, we don’t want any traveller to be embarrassed”.


About Touchnote

Founded in London in late 2007, Touchnote is an online and mobile service that lets you design and create your own photo cards. Touchnote for Mobile was the first mobile application that enabled customers to create and send a personalised physical product directly from the mobile phone.



Published on: 1:15PM on 31st March 2010