8th April 2010, London: The Web Analytics Association, the world-wide web analytics professional and standards body, has appointed Matthew Bragg, a Key Account Director at cross-channel customer experience consultancy Foviance, to be it’s UK Country Manager. Bragg, who is well known in the UK web analytics community was offered the influential role in order to raise the profile of the WAA in the UK and to champion the benefits of web analytics to a wider community. Currently working as a Key Account Director for Foviance, Bragg assists a number of big name UK brands to maintain a consistent customer experience and get the most out of their web analytics systems. He is looking forward to the extra challenge of helping to run the WAA operation in the UK.

Web analytics is the measurement discipline that underpins the success of all the world’s top web sites, including those popular in the UK. The professionals driving these metrics work together with marketing and online channel experts to improve the quality and effectiveness of the UK’s website portfolio. Many of them already belong to the Web Analytics Association with numbers increasing all the time as the WAA pushes ahead with its global network program.

Aurélie Pols, Globalisation Chair to the WAA and Principal Partner in Europe for Web Analytics Demystified, a global consulting firm focussing on web analytics and digital measurement, commented, “Matthew has a tough year ahead of him but has the drive to help promote web analytics in the UK and be part of a European effort to globalise the WAA. I’m looking forward to support him to also foster collaboration with other digital associations” She also noted that, “The UK has one of the most enthusiastic groups of Web Analytics Professionals with “Web Analytics Wednesdays”© regularly attracting over 100 people learning and networking together”

CEO of Foviance Paul Blunden said, “We at Foviance are delighted that Matthew is able to assist the WAA and congratulate him on taking on this additional role. Foviance has always recognised web analytics as a core part of helping to deliver a clear cross-channel customer experience and we have encouraged the team of skilled web analysts here to become members of their industry’s professional body. Foviance has a long tradition of being at the forefront of thought leadership within web analytics with our Director of <a href="http://www.foviance.com/what-we-do/analytics-consultancy/&quot; target="_self">Analytics Consulting</a>, Neil Mason being for many years involved with the WAA’s main board.”

<strong>About the </strong><a href="http://www.webanalyticsassociation.org/&quot; target="_self"><strong>Web Analytics Association</strong></a>:

Founded by web analytics industry leaders in 2004, the mission of the WAA is to lead and support the online marketing analytics profession by educating, creating community, developing standards and best practices that facilitate best use of data, technology and processes. The organization has more than 1,500 members worldwide, representing forty countries and a broad spectrum of expertise. In addition to serving as a forum for members to discuss a wide range of issues related to the web analytics profession, the association works to build and elevate the profession through advocacy and education, and serves as the industry’s unbiased reference for standards and practices. http://www.webanalyticsassociation.org/

<strong>About Foviance</strong> www.foviance.com

Foviance is a leading customer experience consultancy that helps some of the world’s best known global brands to deliver better customer experiences that drive improvements in customer satisfaction for increased customer loyalty and better financial performance.

Founded in 2000 and with a heritage in usability research and data analytics, Foviance delivers research and analytics-based consultancy to its clients about the effectiveness of their individual channels, such as mobile, web and call centre and how they combine in a cross-channel environment. For many clients, insight is provided not only in their home market, but also internationally through Foviance extensive alliance network. Foviance engages with its customers wherever they are in their product lifecycle, and provides insight so they understand how to improve, create and deliver excellent customer experiences. Foviance boasts 43 of the UK FTSE 100 companies among its client roster, including Barclays, BSkyB, and Sainsbury’s. In addition Foviance works with International brands such as AstraZeneca, Dell and Nokia. Foviance has offices in London and Shanghai. For further information please visit: <a href="http://www.foviance.com">www.foviance.com</a&gt;

Published on: 10:16AM on 8th April 2010