The foundation Stichting Internetreclame (STIR) starts its internet audience measurements in November 2004. The new large-scale survey of the reach and visitor profile of Dutch internet sites enters a new phase. Rob Molenaar (MSN), chairman of STIR says: “We are on schedule. The majority of sites that we are going to measure have been provided with the Nedstat codes, and the 4,000 panel members have been recruited and fully trained by Intomart GfK. In addition to over 200 sites from the eight initiators of STIR, we will measure sites from De Telegraaf, Wegener Multimedia, AutoOnline, AutoTrader, De Telefoongids, Publieke Omroep and Furthermore, we are talking to a number of parties who have expressed their intention to take part. We expect them to join in the next two months, bringing the number of participants to twenty.”

On 1 September STIR appointed Peter R. Wiegman of Het Media Loket as project coordinator. Mr Wiegman deals with internal and external communication on the foundation's behalf. By appointing Mr Wiegman STIR aims to provide the internet audience measurement survey with a familiar face in the market. Rob Molenaar adds: “Peter has been in the media market business for fifteen years and has many contacts. Immediately after his appointment, the number of potential participants increased, and preparations for the survey gained momentum. That was exactly what we were looking for.”

The website will soon be launched. Prior to that anybody interested can visit for further information.

About STIR

STIR (Stichting Internet Reclame) has commissioned the Internet audience measurement survey, and the participants in the survey are affiliated to STIR which was the initiative of the following eight major Dutch internet operators: Adlink, Ilse media, IP iMedia, Lycos, MSN, Tiscali, Wanadoo and WebAds. The foundation is an independent body and is engaged in promoting and encouraging digital marketing by providing further insight into online reach and profiles. Rob Molenaar (MSN), Michael Fros (Tiscali) and Tjeerd Kooij (WebAds) are members of STIR's Board of Trustees.
Besides a Board of Trustees, STIR has a Technical Committee (TC) made up of independent members. The TC has monitored the tender’s procedure from STIR's inception and has advised the Board of Trustees on the choice of the survey model and the implementing agency. Since then, the TC has been active in overseeing the (structure of the) survey and maintaining implementation standards.

About Intomart GfK

Intomart GfK is part of the GfK group which has branches and partners in over 40 European cities and in some 60 countries across the world (it occupies 5th place in the market research agency sector worldwide. Intomart GfK is a well known supplier of audience research for television, radio, outdoor and print media. Apart from media research, Intomart GfK conducts policy research (e.g. the annual Politiemonitor and time-budget surveys) as well as marketing research (e.g. tracking studies, advertising effect measurements and product tests). It is one of the biggest full-service market research agencies in the Netherlands and was formed in 1962.

About Nedstat

Nedstat is the European leader in website analytics. The Nedstat products and services enable users to improve the effectiveness and profitability of their online communication and business. Nedstat aims to make website analytics straightforward and accessible. Therefore, products are easy to use, reports are clear and fast to access and support is personal and high quality.

Nedstat employs 95 people in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Numerous organizations have benefited from Nedstat's expertise in delivering reports on users’ behavior online, including Haymarket Publishing, Legal & General and Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom. International customers include Danone, Esprit, Ernst & Young and Thomas Cook.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th November 2004