Aardman Digital (http://www.aardman.com/digital), the digital arm of the world famous Aardman Animations, has created and built an immersive online experience for the BBC’s popular ‘Show Me Show Me’ TV Show.

In July 2009 the BBC launched “Show Me Show Me’ on the CBeebies channel, hosted by Pui Fan Lee and Chris Jarvis. Set in a playroom high in the sky, at the top of a 10-storey tower block, young children are encouraged to participate with their toys in what is presented as a magical play date. The emphasis of the show is about learning through a variety of styles; aural, kinaesthetic, verbal and visual. All activities are wrapped up in an explorative playful journey within the playroom.

The new Show Me Show Me (http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/showmeshowme) site has to fulfill both creative and educational remits by supporting and complementing the key qualities of the TV show; excitement, songs, stories, play and laughter, and be underpinned by the principles of Early Years Foundation Stage and meet their learning objectives.

“Our expertise in creating, entertaining, engaging content for children has enabled us to extend the imaginative intimacy of the show into an online environment, maintaining a one-to-one relationship with the show and its characters,” says Karen Heldoorn, Head of Aardman Digital.

Aardman Digital has created a website that is both child and parent friendly, as well as easy and flexible to update.

The homepage is the ‘playground in the sky’, an environment set high on the top of the tower, mimicking the show’s magical playroom with the child’s focus on the different Early Years Foundation Stage learning objectives. Common themes in the show are used throughout the five main activities and a video of Chris or Pui welcomes the user to the playroom and teaches them how to explore the playground using arrows to find games.

There are five main ‘clickable’ areas on the site, each one represented by a character from the show and takes users to an interactive feature. All of the interactive elements have been created to meet EYFS learning objectives: to help creative development children can ‘Make a Picture’; for physical development there is ‘Groovy Moves’ where children can jump, wiggle and stretch together to music and problem solving is encouraged through the ‘Counting Quiz’. The ‘Cloud Hunt’ interactive, designed to develop children’s understanding of the world, allows the child to search the clouds for objects, and ‘Story Time’ includes interactive storytelling aimed at improving communication skills.


For further information please contact:
Karen Durham-Diggins
T: +44 (0)20 8989 2541
E: kdd@easynet.co,.uk
M:+44 (0)7808 584624

Editors Notes:
About Aardman Digital http://www.aardman.com/digital/
Aardman Digital teleports Aardman’s entertainment expertise into the virtual world, by working with external clients & partners to bring Aardman entertainment values to their brands and propositions. Aardman Digital also service the digital needs of Aardman characters, like Wallace & Gromit, Morph and Shaun the Sheep.

Published on: 3:32PM on 23rd April 2010