Search Specialist Epiphany Solutions has produced a detailed report on the Thomas Cook brand and the Travel Sector as a whole, with very surprising results. The UK’s fastest growing search agency has taken the ten most relevant keywords to the travel industry and analysed each brands’ organic visibility, rankings in Google and link acquisition strategies.

The brands included in the report are Thomas Cook, Thomson, Coop Travel, First Choice, and Expedia, as these are either well known high street brands or a high profile online brand.

This report is the first in a series of industry specific investigations that has developed from the BrandSearch research Epiphany has recently completed - an ongoing project that will be updated on a monthly basis. This research analyses the online performance of the top 50 business to consumer SuperBrands and top 50 business to business SuperBrands in both organic and paid search.

Thomas Cook is the leading travel brand in the SuperBrand list, and the report clearly shows that they have translated this performance into online. Whilst Thomas Cook is the stand out leader in terms of breadth of search visibility, the report raises key insights into how each brand is operating in search and reveals what a winning strategy looks like.

Shane Quigley, CEO of Epiphany Solutions has commented: “This report is the first time we have opened up our internal analysis to the outside world. It clearly shows how each brand has executed their strategy and what they can do to improve.

“Our insight and tools in SEO are second to none and we are going to be sharing a lot more through these reports in the future. It really does give you a glimpse into Google’s world!

Keep your eyes peeled for more industry reports and fluctuations in the BrandSearch data, as Epiphany are continually tracking the SuperBrands online performance and updating visibility scores each month.

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Published on: 4:05PM on 28th April 2010