Silence Media, leading cost-per-engagement creative online network, produces first CPE campaign for box office hit Dear John from Momentum Pictures.

The exclusive campaign produced by Silence Media for Dear John follows the cost per engagement model, where advertisers only pay when audiences engage with video banner ads by rolling over them. Silence Media has paved the way for the entertainment sectors to make the most of video banner ads, by using the superior visual content of films and major music videos to produce exceptional creative that is highly targeted via an extensive online network to reach key audiences.

Susie Bayes, Marketing Manager, Momentum Pictures, said “Dear John was targeted at young female teens who love interacting with and downloading fun online content. Silence Media gave us a cost-effective creative solution that allowed us to feed maximum content to potential fans without having to pay for the audience who weren’t interested in the film.

Nick Bailey, Planning Director at Momentum’s media agency m2m, said that “With Silence media we ran across a group of sites popular with a young female audience, but we had the additional security of knowing that we would only pay for those that chose to actually engage with our advertising. It’s this security that makes CPE campaigns so appealing when compared to CPM, particularly when running in new environments.”

Lee Henshaw, Managing Director of Silence Media said, “This is a breakthrough for cost per engagement reaching the film industry that we are really proud of. Following on from the success of the Dear John campaign we hope to show other distributors the power of cost per engagement to engage vital audiences. Video banner ads consistently get the highest engagement rates – which is why CPE makes sense for advertisers in the entertainment industry. ”

Silence Media is an unrivalled UK one stop shop for creative online video banner advertising campaigns, working within the entertainment sector to provide clients with accountable cost per engagement campaigns (CPE), rather than the traditional CPM model of advertising.

About Silence Media
Silence Media is a leading online video banner creative agency offering advertisers a huge network of over 800 premium websites in Europe and America. With offices in London and New York, Silence has an enviable client list across the entertainment industries, having produced campaigns for the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Vampire Weekend and Kings of Leon. Silence has changed the way that entertainment companies engage with their audiences online for the better, turning away from the traditional CPM (cost per thousand) media-buying model that sees advertisers paying every time a website serves its banner ads 1000 times regardless of how they perform. Cost per engagement demonstrates that it’s now reasonable for advertisers in the entertainment industry to only pay publishers when audiences actively engage with their video banner ads.

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Published on: 9:39AM on 6th May 2010