Citizens Online, a UK charity committed to improving internet and ICT access for all, has significantly improved its online resources through an overhaul of its website using Swebtec’s enterprise content management system, expressCMS.

Citizens Online is dedicated to universal internet access and to tacking the issue of digital exclusion, ensuring that everyone benefits from all the riches computers and the internet have to offer. The charity works towards this via a number of initiatives such as the EverybodyOnline project. The project which is supported by BT and Microsoft, works with disadvantaged communities around the UK helping people overcome any barriers they may have to computers or the internet. Citizens Online also manages the Alliance for Digital Inclusion (ADI), which is a collaboration of organisations, including AOL UK, BT, Cisco Systems UK, IBM UK, Intel UK & Ireland, Microsoft UK and T-Mobile. This industry body works to support cross sector collaborations that promote digital inclusion

The enhanced website was built in four weeks and provides the facility for Citizens Online to control content on the site and add timely news updates without any technical training.

Jamie Kruger, joint Managing Director of Swebtec, says, “As one of the technology partners of Citizens Online we support its aim of promoting universal internet access. One of the major benefits of expressCMS for organisations that do not have large IT departments or budgets is that it is powerful, yet simple enough for non-technical staff to use.”

Catherine Maxwell, Director of Projects and Marketing Citizens Online says, “As a promoter of universal internet access, it is crucial that we practice what we preach. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a chance to experience what ICT and the internet has to offer and therefore accessibility is the central driver for our website. It was also essential to us to have website that was easy to manage and cost effective. Working with Swebtec, we have developed a website which supports our aims as a digital inclusion charity and we look forward to continuing to make our site even more accessible in the future”
The Citizens Online site can be accessed at
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For further information, please contact:

Swebtec : Jamie Kruger 020 7471 8120

Broadgate: Roland Cross or Victoria Lomax 0207 726 6111

Citizens Online: Emily Turberville Smith 01793 882 800


Citizens Online:
Citizens Online is a registered charity established to explore the social and cultural impact of the Internet on society. We believe that access to the Internet and all of its riches is essential for every citizen in the 21st Century. We are committed to Universal Internet Access and to tackling the issue of the Digital Exclusion so everyone can benefit from what the computers and the Internet have to offer.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th November 2004