Aardman Digital (http://www.aardman.com/digital), the digital arm of internationally renowned Aardman Animations, has more than doubled its staff in six months.

The key to Aardman Digital’s growth is its recent development as a Digital Agency, resulting in a huge increase in external clients with several large budget commissions including the Tate Movie Project, with more to be announced shortly.

Previously, Aardman Digital worked mainly on internal projects for homegrown brands such as Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, which they successfully continue to do: Shaun the Sheep’s recently launched game, ‘Home Sheep Home’, attracted over 12 million plays in its first 2 months, and Aardman Digital’s Community Management team currently interacts with almost 50,000 newsletter subscribers across its key websites and over 250,000 fans on Facebook.

“We’ve won some brilliant commissions recently by extending our vast array of talent into creating digital content for external clients that entertains and engages their target audiences,” says Karen Heldoorn, Head of Digital, Aardman Digital. “We see our USP as being able to add that much sought after brand warmth, injecting life into new projects, whilst also being able to create hit games and interact directly with web users across multiple age groups, through our Community Management team.”

Key recruits include Karen Heldoorn as Head of Digital, who has played a pivotal role in acquiring new business, and Jake Manion as Creative Producer, who will work alongside the Creative Director to add further inspiration and ideas to new projects. The team is further enhanced by the addition of Web Producers Laura Thorne and Rachel Titman, Flash Developer Tom Milner, Junior Designer Sarah Matthews and Community Manager Kirsten Williams.

“Our recent surge of high calibre client wins has enabled us to attract an equally high level of new recruits.” Heldoorn added.

In addition to expanding the core Aardman Digital team by 100%, staffing levels look likely to continue to rise from the substantial pool of carefully chosen freelancers that Aardman Digital are using.


For further information please contact:
Karen Durham-Diggins
T: +44 (0)20 8989 2541
E: kdd@easynet.co,.uk
M:+44 (0)7808 584624

Editors Notes:
About Aardman Digital http://www.aardman.com/digital/
Aardman Digital teleports Aardman’s entertainment expertise into the virtual world, by working with external clients & partners to bring Aardman entertainment values to their brands and propositions. They also service the digital needs of Aardman characters, like Wallace & Gromit, Morph and Shaun the Sheep.

Aardman Digital’s knowledge in engaging and creating interactive content for different age groups, adult, children and pre-schoolers, as well as family audiences, enables them to understand the differences in speaking and especially listening to these groups online.

Published on: 9:31PM on 13th May 2010