Microsoft Silverlight content can now be fully tracked using the standard AT Internet Web analytics package

AT Internet announced today the launch of ATInternetAnalytics, which works with the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework to help simplify the tagging and measurement of Silverlight content.

This new component will enable Web developers and site owners to quickly and easily implement the tracking of rich media content developed using Silverlight. With custom implementation work no longer required, marketers can now accurately measure and optimise user engagement with Silverlight content.

ATInternetAnalytics delivers:

• Ease of use with a simple and fast tagging procedure for Silverlight content, with no need for extra development or coding. The tracking functionality can be integrated during the early stages of the Silverlight application build via simple drag and drop.

• Accurate reporting of user engagement metrics via the Analyzer reporting interface including play statistics, pause, loading or buffering problems and many more.

“We are pleased to be able to join forces with Microsoft on a project involving the development of rich media sites. This integration sits perfectly in the Online Intelligence strategy that AT Internet is pursuing. Our aim is to provide our customers with a holistic view of their online presence, enabling them to optimise and refine their online strategy,” said Nicolas Babin, Chief Operating Officer at AT Internet.

“Microsoft is happy to provide support to AT Internet for the launch of ATInternetAnalytics,” said Steve Sklepowich, Director for Silverlight at Microsoft Corp. “With the availability of ATInternetAnalytics, Web developers now have the ability to more efficiently track rich media content developed in Silverlight.”

ATInternetAnalytics is available in the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework as a free download on:


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Published on: 3:13PM on 27th May 2010