International conversion marketing and interactive CRM software vendor, Selligent, announces the results of its fiscal year 2009. Selligent reports a revenue of 18.6 million euro, a year-over-year growth of 20%.

The sales of the first quarter 2010 confirm that trend. This sustained growth is due to a combination of the customer satisfaction of Selligent over 700 enterprise clients throughout Europe and a strategic focus on an integrated and customer-centric CRM and marketing strategy. Selligent will continue to invest in an interactive and innovating cross-channel approach that enables its customers to optimize their own marketing goals.

The strong growth of Selligent ( , which shows in the 20% revenue increase, translates in an improvement of its operating margin, despite the actual economic climate.

Selligent reports a net operating income of 2.8 million euro, which is 75% more than in 2008 when net operating income was 1.6 million euro.

A strategic focus on interactive cross-channel marketing and CRM

In 2009, Selligent developed a strong presence in the interactive marketing space, especially in France and the Benelux countries. Since CRM is increasingly becoming marketing-oriented and marketing more interactive, this strategy clearly resulted in the company’s overall growth.

The interactive CRM, marketing automation, lead management and conversion marketing offerings of Selligent have been revamped and integrated to enable companies to have a 360° view on their customers and engage in data-driven, result-oriented and valuable interactions with them and help them face marketing evolution challenges.

This puts Selligent at the forefront in the rapidly changing marketing reality where customers are increasingly online and dispose of ever more communication channels to interact with businesses.

Thanks to these strategic decisions and its international presence, Selligent has signed agreements with several leading companies throughout Europe, including Le Figaro, Promod, Groupe Mornay, Van de Velde and Veolia Propreté.
New rules for a new customer: main market changes

With its revamped strategy and product offering, Selligent takes into account the main changes in the marketing space and seamlessly integrated its strategy with these market evolutions, thus enabling its customers to interact with their clients.

“The customer has changed and so have the rules of communication, customer management and engagement”, states Andre Lejeune, CEO of Selligent. “The customer is increasingly in control. In this social networking era with an abundance of channels, marketing messages and information, customers use interactive media to inform themselves and to get information when, where and how they want. Modern customers are more informed, demand a personal approach, want to be served faster and rely more on advice from peers and influencers than on businesses.”

A second market trend Selligent has identified and pro-actively integrated in its strategy is the shift from multi-channel to cross-channel.

“Businesses need to have a way to embrace digital channels and use them as a complement and reinforcement to more traditional sales channels. This mutual cross-fertilization of sales channels leads to a larger reach and strengthens all CRM and marketing activities”, explains André Lejeune.

Finally, there is an obvious, yet significant, continuing growth of online marketing and interactive CRM expenditure and a rise of emerging media.

“2009 was clearly the year of social networks and of a continuing focus on online marketing investments. The shift of marketing efforts towards the Web is sustained by an increasing attention for conversion, ROI and data-driven marketing, whereas the rise of the social Web and other emerging media, including mobile, change consumer and buying behavior, as well as customer (service) expectations”, declares André Lejeune.

A pro-active response to new opportunities

Selligent anticipated all the above mentioned changes:

* The Interactive Marketing Suite is now at the core of the strategy in order to enable more relevant, automated and life-cycle-based conversations with consumers.
* The development of integration solutions between the Interactive Marketing Suite and operational CRM tools to increase productivity and consistency across all divisions and customer interactions.
* User-friendly ways to rapidly deploy lead management and marketing automation actions including possibilities regarding personalized content, permission marketing and an improved conversion.
* The possibility to use Selligent’s interactive marketing solutions in collaboration with third-party applications.

What will 2010 bring?

“The market will continue to grow fast and a customer-centric and integrated strategy is key for businesses that want to optimize their interactions with their customers in this digital age”, declares André Lejeune.

Optimizing efficiency, conversion and ROI of marketing investments gain importance, resulting in an increasing demand for sophisticated solutions to test, personalize and improve all marketing and CRM activities. This can only be done by knowing the needs of customers across all data, channels and touch points.

For Selligent this means:

* An ambitious international expansion in new territories like Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.
* A further focus on international R&D activities to continue optimizing the scenario-based and conversion-driven possibilities that are built in the company’s interactive marketing and CRM solutions
* New alliances and possible acquisitions to encompass all aspects of a holistic and customer-centric platform that integrates all customer interactions, across divisions such as marketing, sales, customer service, call centres, etc.
* The development of strong relationships with agencies that play a leading role in the establishment of marketing strategies for their customers.

“Our plans are to grow significantly, both organically and through well-targeted acquisitions. This will imply significant amounts of investments which will bring down our profitability in the coming two years. The market is there and it is our duty to exploit this. We aim at becoming an international leader in our field”, declares André Lejeune.

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Published on: 1:00PM on 2nd June 2010