London , 07 June, 2010 Are you struggling to keep up with the growth in advice on good practice to get better results from your investments in digital marketing?

If so, Smart Insights will help you learn about the developments that will affect your digital strategy most from amongst the tens of millions of blog posts created each week.

Created and managed by bestselling Internet Marketing author Dr Dave Chaffey, the Smart Insights digital marketing portal offers minimalist weekly alerts for busy site owners, managers and marketers focusing only on the most significant best practice advice to help companies succeed online.

Smart Insights also features articles on best practice written by Dave and a team of expert commentators who focus on advice on digital strategy and improving results through Analytics, with the emphasis on Google Analytics, the most widely used Analytics tool.

Weekly updates are available through a single weekly Email update each Friday with just 2 alerts selected for each of seven key digital marketing topics:

A choice of more detailed alerts is also available through Facebook, RSS and Twitter Feeds tagged according to over one hundred digital marketing strategies, tactics and techniques.

The seven update topics on Smart Insights, expert commentators and the corresponding number of new pages in the Firehose indicated by Google in the last week are:

Digital marketing strategy (commentators: Danyl Bosomworth and Imran Farooq) : 793 Google Results for phrase, 1,640,000 results for pages containing ones of these words;

Search Engine Marketing (commentators: Matt Clarke and Dan Barker) 1,670,000 results (SEO 511,000,000 and PPC 118,000,000);

Social media (commentators: Annmarie Hanlon and JP-de Clerck 97,500,000 results);

Email marketing and ECRM (commentator: Mark Brownlow) 2,530,000 results and ECRM

Web analytics (commentator: Nikki Rae)
77,800,000 results and conversion optimisation and online engagement (commentator: Richard Sedley)

Free and paid tools and software for digital marketing;

Digital marketing statistics updates;

Updates within each topic cover the latest marketing approaches you can use through features available from the major online influencers like Apple, Facebook, Google, Linked-In and Twitter.

Published on: 4:00PM on 7th June 2010