The internet has become the retail outlet of choice for that most traditional of products, the garden shed, according to a manufacturer that’s put its resources into web marketing campaigns.

So successful has it been that Leeds-based Tiger Sheds had to stop taking orders until it had ramped up production and staffing.

Tiger Sheds appointed search engine specialists Search Laboratory to carry out a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive internet shoppers to its website, and has been amazed by the results.

“The demand has been overwhelming,” says Tiger Sheds’ Website Manager Jack Sutcliffe. “It’s a third higher than the normal seasonal surge and we’ve taken on extra staff, additional vehicles and agency drivers to help us meet the orders.”

Twenty-first century shed buyers are, it seems, a different breed. The traditional cobweb-strewn storehouse for tools is now a classy building used as an extra room, a gym, a summer house or an office and is customised to their specific requirements. Traditional routes to shed buying, such as garden centres and out-of-town retailers have fallen out of favour compared with searching online.

Search Laboratory’s CEO, Ian Harris, says: “We’ve done a lot of work with Tiger Sheds helping them to redesign their website and develop their pay-per-click campaign to ensure that buyers find their site. This is an example of how a product can really succeed on the internet provided you make an effort to understand what the customer wants.”

Customer service has been high on Tiger Sheds’ priorities. Jack Sutcliffe says: “Search Laboratory developed a customised campaign for us and has been incredibly supportive, working closely with us and fine-tuning the campaign to deliver real results”.

Search Laboratory is a specialist PPC and SEO management agency who are also experts in global multilingual campaigns, helping customers maximise the profit from their website using its unique analytical approach.

Published on: 8:00AM on 14th June 2010