• Following a record month for both total sales volumes and total sales values, January has continued to perform well with a drop of just 9.9% in sales volumes and 17% in sales values.

• Both sales volumes and values have outperformed the levels seen in November, making January 2005 TradeDoubler’s second strongest month ever, trailing only slightly behind those seen last month.

• The average order value for January was €155, compared to €168 in December – this can be explained by the effect of the January sales as consumers stock up on reduced price purchases.

• Sales values are up 98% compared to January 2004 and sales values have increased by 63%

• The financial Services sector has grown by 176% and Travel by 59% month on month. This follows a similar trend to last year and mirrors traditional sales patterns associated with these two sectors.

• As expected following the peak Christmas shopping season, sales within the Consumer Electronics, Telecoms and entertainment sectors have dropped.

• Year on year Financial services has again increased hugely. This growth supports TradeDoubler’s previous prediction that 2005 will be a prosperous year for online Financial Services as more major world players invest heavily in this channel.

The TradeDoubler Tracker™ is a monthly report detailing online sales volumes and trends across Europe, based on TradeDoubler’s monitoring of sales made through its European network. The data contained within the Tracker shows results tracked and generated within TradeDoubler’s network covering 16 European countries with clients spanning a multitude of different sectors.

The data contained within this tracker is provided by TradeDoubler’s independent third party tracking technology.

Published on: 12:00AM on 9th February 2005