Calling all affiliates! Are you happy with your affiliate scheme? Are the products worth promoting? Do they convert well? Are the commissions paid on time?

If the answer to any of these questions are no, maybe you should consider joining MoreNiche LTD.

Based in Nottingham, UK MoreNiche promote some of the world’s best selling brands of health, diet and beauty products, household names such as Acai Berry, UniqueHoodia, Appesat and Proactol to name but a few.

With over 100,000 affiliates worldwide, MoreNiche work closely with their affiliates to maximise sales and earnings all round. With highly dedicated affiliate managers who are always on hand to help and offer support, unlike many other companies they can always be contacted via email, instant messaging, phone or you can contact them through the active forums.

They offer the most up to date tracking methods and rather unusually for affiliate marketing; lifetime cookies.

Mr Andrew Slack, the Managing director of MoreNiche has announced a new pilot scheme that should revolutionise the way that commissions are paid to successful affiliates. It is standard practise in this industry, for the affiliate that refers the buyer to the actual purchase, to win the commission on the sale. Statistics show that other affiliates may have introduced the buyer to the product beforehand and yet because they didn’t physically make the sale, they do not earn anything for their efforts.

MoreNiche are trialling a revolutionary new split commission scheme which if successful, will blow all other affiliate networks out of the water. Leading with Proactol, who are piloting the scheme for the initial trials, affiliates who first refer the buyer to the product will earn a flat fee of £3.50/$5.00, and the last referrer that actually achieves the sale will still get full commission. It is hoped if successful, that this new scheme will be very appealing to others and will be taken up by more merchants in the future.

Mr Slack hopes that it will give the affiliates who work hard to write content about the products and then lose out to voucher or discount sites more impetus to continue with their good work and hopefully go on to earn more money. It is his belief that its often the first referring affiliate who is most important in the chain, they do all the work in bringing a particular product to the attention of the buyer. In fact, their records show that over 39% of all sales generated actually involve more than one affiliate.

There have been cases of sales being made a year after the initial enquiry with over 15 affiliates in the chain, its all thanks to their lifetime cookies that they have been able to track this. To find out more about this exciting scheme, contact MoreNiche today!

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Published on: 10:44AM on 14th June 2010