Social media, search and online advertising campaign from Blue Barracuda

Pizza Hut is promoting its £4.99 lunchtime buffet with a marketing campaign encouraging colleagues to get together for lunch. Independent digital agency Blue Barracuda has produced digital creative, designed to reflect above-the-line activity from AMVBBDO, and planned an online media campaign integrating paid search advertising, social media, affiliate marketing, email and online display advertising. The agency is combining time targeted, demographically targeted, geotargeted, contextually targeted and behaviourally targeted media to reach office workers as they think about lunch.

The interactive creative designed and built by Blue Barracuda, aims to encourage workers to get together to chat over a weekday lunch. In a range of online advertising formats, including a monster banner, the executions highlight the value and speed of Pizza Hut’s £4.99 buffet which includes pizza, pasta and salad alongside the restaurant chain’s standard lunch menu. Viewers are encouraged to click through to a microsite which integrates with Facebook Connect, enabling people to invite their colleagues to meet up for lunch, and Google maps to show nearby branches of Pizza Hut.

Display advertising is booked on media including MSN, The Times, The Sun, Multimap and ContextWeb, Exchange Labs and Specific Media as well Google’s Content Network. Search advertising on Google is also time and day-targeted to reach search engine users in the run up to lunchtime.

Commenting on the activity, Murray Willows, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut explains, “Our buffet lunch is fast and cheap. Colleagues can get together and catch up over fresh pizza and pasta and crispy salad without any waiting which makes the best use of their lunch hour. Pizza Hut has a very active following on Facebook, and this campaign integrates media above and below-the-line to drive traffic to the Facebook Connect application, which is a quick and straightforward for our customers to arrange to get together.”

Martin Talks, CEO of Blue Barracuda, adds, “Weekday lunches at Pizza Hut are popular with workers, shoppers and families. We are integrating several different communication channels, including social media and email, to reach this audience and using cleverly targeted media to make the most of the online marketing budget. This strategy has proven very effective at reaching Pizza Hut’s audience with previous campaigns. ”

AMVBBDO created the advertising concept for Pizza Hut’s weekday lunch campaign, with print creative produced by Elvis and offline media planned and bought by Starcom. Independent digital agency Blue Barracuda is retained by Pizza Hut to plan and manage the restaurant’s digital strategy including online media planning and buying, social media marketing and Pizza Hut’s CRM system. The campaign will run until June.

About Pizza Hut:
Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza restaurant and delivery company, with almost 6,600 outlets in the United States and more than 4,000 sites in 100 other countries, including more than 700 in the UK. Pizza Hut, Inc. is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM). For further information, please visit
• Pizza Hut began a salt reduction programme in 2004 and has significantly reduced the salt content of its starters, pasta sauces, salad dressings and certain pizza toppings. It is committed to reaching the FSA’s 2010 targets for the relevant menu items
• Pizza Hut recently announced the removal of added trans fat from the menu
• Pizza Hut also recently announced its participation in the Food Standard Authority’s trial into food labelling when eating out
For press enquiries please contact the Pizza Hut Press Office on 020 3003 6300.

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Published on: 10:43AM on 6th July 2010