Speed-Trap’s customer insight software helps vehicle glass specialist make targeted marketing decisions

Belron®, the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement (VGRR) company and owner of Autoglass®, has deployed online customer insight software from Speed-Trap. The software gathers complete, customer-focused data about Belron® online customers and prospects and uses this data to help Belron® to better understand their customers, monitor their business processes and deliver the best customer experience. Speed-Trap has been deployed across the company’s 28 ecommerce business units worldwide. Speed-Trap’s solution enables Belron® to proactively refine its website based upon real-time information from visitors. The system provides them with the accurate, customer and process focussed data which is being used to develop a specialised team dedicated to maximizing the site performance and driving business through the online ecommerce channel, and has already provided insight across the business

Belron® is the world's largest vehicle glass repair and replacement (VGRR) company, and the home of some of the best known brands in the industry including CARGLASS®, AUTOGLASS®, LEBEAU®, O'BRIEN™, ELITE AUTO GLASS® and SAFELITE®., generating revenues in excess of €2000 million in 2007. The company, which holds a presence in 30 countries worldwide, is committed to continued geographic expansion both through the acquisition and integration of leading VGRR businesses.

Nick Burton, Group Head of eBusiness at Belron® comments, “Before bringing Speed-Trap on board, we only had basic information about the way our customers interacted with the site and therefore lacked the level of insight required to truly understand the customer journey. Through the use of Speed-Trap, we now have a clear understanding of the sales process at the individual customer level and can gather real-time information on the entire sales path, from where customers came to the site from, to where they hover and to where they eventually leave. This sort of intricate appreciation of the customer’s journey not only ensures that we can start measuring the site further upstream, but also gives us the capacity to develop a clearer picture of our marketing ROI.”

Based upon detailed analysis of their current and historic online behavior and experience, the Speed-Trap software enables Belron to make calculated and informed decisions about how customers can be marketed to and budgets spent in the most effective manner. Burton explains, “As we continue to really interrogate the Speed-Trap system, we get a better understanding of the conversion potential for each of our sub-channels and therefore make any necessary changes to drive sales through providing a more relevant experience for the site visitor. It’s not just a simple matter of reporting. Instead, Speed-Trap will enable us to identify at a business unit level where our key focus of activity should be and where we need to change our business strategy to best reach our customers with targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.”

Malcolm Duckett, VP Operations at Speed-Trap, comments, “Because of Belron® decision to use our customer insight system to help drive their ongoing business strategy, it was essential that we could prove 100% data accuracy. To do this, we matched the data produced by our software against the data from Belron® backend systems and in so doing, we were able to demonstrate a 100% concurrence. This is a demonstration of the accuracy of our unique approach to capturing and processing data from the online channel.”

Burton continues, “Speed-Trap has given us a fantastic picture of what is happening across our online channel and with it, we have managed to build a better understanding of our customers online behavior, whilst also forging a closer relationship with our many business partners. As we move into the second quarter of 2010, the system will be a key driver for our online marketing, playing an instrumental role in helping us to drive business to our newly revamped ecommerce platform.”

Burton concludes, “In the future, we aim to form a team dedicated to utilizing the real-time data aspects of the Speed-Trap system in order to identify the ways in which we can enhance our website and make it more customer-friendly. This was not possible for us before Speed-Trap’s involvement, and will offer us a real edge over our competitors.”

Published on: 3:07PM on 12th July 2010