Leading French Holidays Provider Embraces Meaning Based Marketing to Deliver Compelling Online Experience and Convert Browsers into Buyers

Cambridge, UK and SAN FRANCISCO – June 1, 2010 – Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that Look Voyages is using Autonomy Optimost's award-winning Multivariable Testing (MVT) solution to boost customer engagement and retention and drive up conversion rates on its website, www.look-voyages.fr, which receives up to two million unique visits each month.

Autonomy Optimost offers the industry's most advanced, meaning-based analysis, multivariable testing and marketing optimization solutions for driving meaningful business decisions, streamlining business operations and maximizing overall revenue. Autonomy Optimost enables Look Voyages to test virtually limitless permutations of web content and layout including text, pictures, video, page layout, and banners to determine the winning combination and cost-efficiently optimize the bottom-line performance of its website. Look Voyages is the third largest provider of package holidays in France and a subsidiary of global tour operator Transat.

Unlike legacy marketing approaches which rely on ill-defined metrics or pure guesswork to gauge customer preferences and intent, Autonomy Optimost performs tests in real-time and with actual online customers to reveal the configurations that encourage conversions on the various landing pages, web forms, shopping cart pages and banner ads. In today's highly competitive market, the ability to gain an understanding of customer insights and purchasing behaviour is essential for creating an online experience that is compelling, meaningful and rewarding in order to boost customer engagement and conversion rates.

As a means to uncover the combination of web content and layout that visitors find most compelling, Look Voyages selected Autonomy Optimost's award-winning MVT technology, which presents distinct holiday seekers with different versions of the www.look-voyages.fr website enabling the marketing team to instantly identify what layout and content combinations are most likely to convert visitors into buyers. Thanks to Autonomy Optimost's intelligent solution, Look Voyages has experienced a dramatic and measurable improvement in its online business, including increases in online sales, clickthroughs, registrations, and page views.

"After only a few weeks of testing, we were able to identify the exact content and layout that drive up customer engagement and retention rates," said Damien Poulain, eCommerce & B2C Manager at Look Voyages. "Changes which on the surface would seem quite minimal and inconsequential, such as the change of a color or the location of a button or the background color of the promotion page, can make a significant difference. Autonomy Optimost's solution has provided us with invaluable information to help us improve the experience delivered to our customers. Furthermore, we have been able to take web design out of the IT office and into the playing field, where customers have revealed to us, by voting with their clicks, the website content and layout that most closely matches their preferences."

"While investing in traffic acquisition may bring customers to your site, getting visitors to take action once they are there remains a big challenge for online retailers," said Greg Kelton, VP EMEA Autonomy Optimost. "Uncovering and acting on the content on your website that is motivating visitors to convert is therefore essential for monetizing traffic acquisition investments. Look Voyages became convinced of how invaluable this information is to its business once it saw the dramatic increase in conversion rates as a result of deploying Autonomy Optimost."

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About Autonomy Optimost:

Autonomy Optimost leverages unique meaning-based technology to deliver the industry's most comprehensive suite of marketing optimization solutions. It delivers automated capabilities such as advanced analytics, pattern-matching, optimization, and targeting to optimize marketing across multiple channels to drive business growth. Marketers can now take a proactive and automated approach for identifying emerging customer segments and determining the most effective way to market to them, including the most optimal product recommendations, promotional offers, pricing strategies, and advertising placements.

Autonomy Optimost can be seamlessly integrated into websites and landing pages to ensure that web design and content delivery are returning the highest business results. Available as a hosted and onsite solution, marketers can rely on Autonomy Optimost to analyze and act on market and customer information. The world's leading corporate brands, including Allstate, Avis, Bank of America, Delta Air Lines, EarthLink, FT.com, John Lewis, Lenovo, LexisNexis, and Shutterfly leverage Autonomy Optimost to maximize profitability.

Published on: 10:45AM on 13th July 2010