The 24th January was predicted to be the most depressing day of the year,
and by all accounts, it lived up to expectations. Christmas was well and
truly over, the weather was bleak, and there wasn't much to look forward
to. So what did people do to cheer themselves up on Monday 24th January?
They went shopping of course! But not on the high street as you would

People shopped from the comfort of their offices or homes - in warm
surroundings, with a cup of tea and biscuit, without setting foot into the
winter gloom.

Internet sales boomed. In fact, TradeDoubler, Europe’s leading provider of online marketing and sales solutions, tracked and generated more online transactions in
a single hour, between 3-4pm on 24th January, than any other Monday (traditionally the strongest day of the week for online sales) in

January as people gave up on being productive in the office and took
advantage of discount January prices. E-commerce levels peaked again
between 8-9pm, when people disappointed by poor Monday night telly
switched on their PCs and shopped themselves happy.

Published on: 12:00AM on 9th February 2005