Axel Springer AG and the Swiss PubliGroupe AG bring their majority shareholding in Digital Window, the UK market leader for affiliate marketing, into their common subsidiary company zanox. Combined, they comprise the European market leader for performance-based online marketing under the umbrella of the zanox group.

With annual revenues of approximately €323 million in 2009, the group comprising zanox, Digital Window and lies well ahead of its competitors in Europe. Against the prevailing market trend, the company group achieved substantial growth in 2009.

Philipp Justus, CEO of zanox: “With Digital Window, the zanox group becomes the largest company for performance-based online marketing in the UK. Combined with our leading position in Continental Europe, we are now also the leading performance marketing network at European level. As a result, we offer our advertisers even greater reach, as well as direct access to all European markets. Our publishers benefit from new and attractive programmes.”

The strength of the group’s market position is also demonstrated by the scale of its advertiser network: The merger with Affiliate Window and adds a further 1300 international customers to the total of over 2000 advertising customers of zanox.

Within the framework of the merger, market presences will be arranged according to geographical responsibilities, with client accounts transferred into the strongest respective division of the network. In Continental Europe, the zanox brand will remain in overall lead including the Scandinavian and Dutch customer base of The group’s future presence in the UK will work exclusively under Affiliate Window and Therefore, in the future, zanox’s UK client base will be served by Affiliate Window.

“Aside from the ability to share publishers and advertisers with this extended reach, we now have the opportunity to pool technical resources for joint development projects ensuring we can drive innovation at an even faster pace, ultimately creating new opportunities to add value and generate revenue,” says Kevin Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Window.


For more information please contact:
Lisa Chaikin
PR Manager, Digital Window
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Published on: 3:33PM on 19th July 2010