SapientNitro has launched a social media campaign for Energy Saving Trust, the UK's leading organisation set up to try and prevent climate change, to raise consumer awareness of minimising water and energy consumption across Britain. The campaign is based on a virtual water fight and can be viewed at

Set in a fictional village ‘Soggy Bottom’, three characters - a butcher, farmer and elderly lady (Bob Trickle, Tim Sprinkle & Gladys Drizzle) – appear to innocently man their stalls at the local fete but surprisingly start a water fight aiming directly at consumers’ computer screens. In creating the Great British Water Fight campaign, SapientNitro is helping Energy Saving Trust raise awareness about the importance of saving water and energy in the real world.

What makes the campaign both unique and engaging, is that the consumer is able to map their face onto one of the characters in the video, creating a personalised soaking they can share with their friends via Facebook and Twitter. The goal is to make saving water fun while getting people thinking about their personal water and energy consumption.

As part of the campaign, consumers are asked to make a pledge to reduce their water and energy consumption on a range of everyday activities in the home and garden. This allows Energy Saving Trust to be able to track engagement and monitor the amount of potential water, energy and financial savings that consumers can achieve.

Jon McGowan, Head of Marketing and Communications, Energy Saving Trust, said “There has never been a more critical time for consumers across Britain to reduce their water and energy consumption. Although many consumers have seen a significant drop in their energy bills by reducing the amount of hot water used in the home, there is still a long way to go to change consumer behaviour. It is for this reason we have worked with SapientNitro to develop an engaging and creative campaign to make saving water and energy everyone’s responsibility.”

Malcolm Poynton, Chief Creative Officer Europe, SapientNitro commented, “The Great British Water Fight is a fun way of engaging people to encourage others to do their bit and help save water. Supported by the smart tools of the new 3D energy calculator we have developed for Energy Saving Trust, this begins a truly interactive experience for customers across multiple online channels for the brand.”

The campaign also includes an interactive 3D Water Energy Calculator, created by SapientNitro, which shows the potential water, energy and carbon savings that consumers can achieve through some simple water efficiency improvements. The calculator can be viewed at

Published on: 11:09AM on 26th July 2010