Hallam publishes White Paper on best practice International Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Leading Internet Consultancy, Hallam Communications Ltd has released the first in a series of detailed White Papers. The paper provides advice on how businesses can make the most of using the Internet to improve their competitiveness, and gain new customers, by increasing visibility in the international search engines. http://bit.ly/InternationalSEO

`Global Search Engine Optimisation - How to speak the language of international SEO` provides a comprehensive overview of how businesses can improve their website rankings in the global search engines. It provides hints and tips businesses can use to reach overseas clients and optimise how a website is viewed in different places across the globe.

The SEO White Paper reveals how to push a website up the Internet rankings and provides help on how to overcome cultural and language barriers. These barriers may otherwise make a small business website invisible to searchers outside the UK.

Susan Hallam, Director of Hallam Communications Ltd, explains: “The gap continues to close between local business and international online customers, so there is more opportunity for businesses to reach out to a greater number of customers overseas.

At the same time this means that competition has also increased, and those that market services in other countries should keep up-to-date with search engine optimisation trends, if they are to compete in new and challenging markets.”

Topics included in the White Paper:

• Use a Country Code Top Level Domain name, e.g. .de for Germany, for your target country whenever possible.

• Don’t just translate your content – localise it. Pages should be written with the target country in mind, so your keywords for the same content may vary from country to country.

• Use the Geotargeting capabilities in Google’s Webmaster Tools to set your target country.

Katie Saxon, SEO Executive at Hallam Communications researched the White Paper to increase visibility in Search Engine results, bring more traffic to websites and encourage more qualified visitors.

Download a copy of the White Paper `Global Search Engine Optimisation - How to speak the language of international SEO`. The paper is free to use on the web, for presentations or for general guidance. http://bit.ly/InternationalSEO

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Published on: 12:41PM on 26th July 2010