Brighton, 26th July 2010: International SEO agency, OBAN Multilingual, have launched GlobalMaxer, the only Multivariate Testing (MVT) tool with cultural testing properties available on the market. The GlobalMaxer tool allows businesses to test a variety of elements on their landing pages such as text, colours, action messages and product images, in order to pinpoint which elements provide the best conversion rates in different cultural markets.

GlobalMaxer uses elements from OBAN’s Cultural Database, which contains cultural norms in web design and conversion behaviour from all 26 countries that OBAN currently works in. OBAN advises which elements are best to test in each region, so that businesses will only be testing the variations most likely to drive conversions in the market they want to target. OBAN is currently testing over 25,000 combinations.

GlobalMaxer is easy to use: a small piece of code is inserted onto the page being tested, so no structural changes to the webpage or CMS are required. With our graphical tool, it is easy for webmasters to highlight and select the elements on the page they would like to test.

Current campaigns using GlobalMaxer are delivering great results and highlighting variations in internet use between languages and cultures. The tool is proven to create additional revenue and provide ROI.

Any company undertaking web marketing where there is a tangible conversion point (such as retail sites and online travel operators) will benefit from the GlobalMaxer tool. However, the tool can track ANY conversion point such as email sign-ups, white paper downloads and competition entries, therefore it also would be useful to the B2B and public sector and media environments.

“The key to a successful international marketing strategy is to understand how your target market uses the internet. The GlobalMaxer tool provides marketers with a simple and efficient way of gaining this information.” says Greig Holbrook, MD of OBAN Multilingual.

More information on GlobalMaxer can be found here:

Oban Multilingual is a world leader in multilingual search engine optimisation and marketing. Through teams of SEO/SEM experts based in over 26 countries across the world we are able to offer clients local solutions to global SEO/SEM campaigns ensuring that the most effective search strategy is developed for each market. By working in this way for nearly 10 years, Oban has a unique and critical understanding of local search vocabulary, behaviours, trends and engines in over 26 different markets.

Published on: 5:10PM on 26th July 2010