This iPad report is designed for professionals within the financial services industry tasked with researching and developing iPad applications and experiences in regards to consumer banking.

The intention for the report is to feed into internal budget discussions, business cases and development briefs by providing an insight into the current iPad banking experience offered by a number of banks globally.

This report is the first in a series of reports that are aimed at following the evolution and developments in iPad banking. This report, therefore, documents the early stage findings e.g. iPad specific applications and banking with existing applications.

It is anticipated that future reports will focus more on how application development becomes more wide spread, the affects on user experience, the challenges and how they have been overcome, the new innovations and services that have been deployed and importantly the opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

It is clear at this early stage that no standard protocol or experience has been developed and thus the potential remains untapped.

Whilst the series is aimed at producing reports for internal consumption, Mapa can also provide strategic consulting, user workshops and initial analysis research that will compliment internal activities.

Mapa have 60+ active bank accounts around the world that we log-on to to simulate the customer experience on the device under test. Continued access to the logged in area makes our series plan even more powerful.

Published on: 10:25AM on 28th July 2010