Maginus has announced it has won the 2010 Microsoft Dynamics ISV of the Year for the UK.

The award was achieved as a result of Maginus demonstrating exceptional business success by optimising the use of Microsoft Dynamics to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations and surpass business goals.

This recognition was presented at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010, the company’s annual premier partner event, which took place this year in Washington, D.C. Microsoft Corp. honoured 27 of its partners from around the world with the 2010 Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner of the Year awards. In addition, two exceptional partners were selected to receive the Outstanding Reseller of the Year and Outstanding ISV of the Year awards.

Regional winners and finalists were chosen from the following regions: Asia-Pacific, Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), United States, United Kingdom, and Western Europe. A Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Partner of the Year winner was also honoured and selected after a review of all hosting partners around the globe.

Russell Dorset, Sales and Marketing Director, Maginus, “This award is a testament to the sales excellence and marketing creativity of the Maginus team.

We have already seen great results with Microsoft Dynamics AX in the retail and wholesale distribution sectors and we will continue to build on this moving forward. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a real time multi channel solution which helps our customers maximise sales across channels, minimising costs and improving customer service.”

The award winners were selected for their dedication to delivering solutions that meet diverse customer needs. Several key criteria were considered in selecting Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partners for the special recognition, including outstanding sales performance, thorough technological expertise on Microsoft Dynamics products and services, and feedback from Microsoft team members.

“Each year, it is a privilege for us to recognise the innovative contributions made by organisations within our diverse Microsoft Dynamics partner community,” said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics Partners. “Maginus serves as a leader within this community because of the value it provides through its solutions as well as its exceptional levels of customer service. We are proud to congratulate Maginus on being named as our top Microsoft Dynamics partner of the year in the UK.”

Maginus is dedicated to helping customers find the best solutions and services by optimising the use of Microsoft Dynamics to deliver the most innovative solutions that will bring new levels of success. By collaborating with the teams at Microsoft, Maginus maintains a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics platform to provide innovative solutions, dedicated services and unparalleled value to Microsoft Dynamics customers.

Published on: 12:41PM on 29th July 2010