Campaign promotes special offers on 206 range

This week, OMDtvi launches an interactive TV (iTV) campaign for Peugeot’s 206 car range. This is the fifth iTV campaign from Peugeot, and the second iTV campaign that OMDtvi has launched for the leading car manufacturer in the last month. The campaign promotes the new product and free insurance offers on the 206 range, with interactivity included across all Peugeot 206 TV adverts on Channel 4, Five, ITV, ITV2, IDS, and Sky channels.

Beth McLaughlin, National Advertising Manager at Peugeot, comments, “Over the last year, iTV has become an increasingly important medium for us in delivering our objectives. Our previous interactive campaigns delivered great results and the launch of the 206 campaign will play an important role in delivering good quality sales enquiries to our dealer network.”

The creative execution was designed and developed by BBC Broadcast. The execution uses a two page mini dedicated advertiser location (DAL) with data capture. The mini DAL shows static pages with pictures and specifications of the 206 Quiksilver; 206 CC; 206 Zest; and 206 Sport. Viewers are invited to click to enter their details to book a test drive or receive a brochure. Unusually for an iTV advert, the campaign uses a voiceover commentary that explains the cars’ specifications, providing further brand engagement.

Toby Hack, Head of Interactive TV at OMDtvi, comments, “By its nature, iTV allows for viewer participation with the brand. Peugeot’s iTV campaign was designed to drive sales and deliver Peugeot’s promotional offers in an engaging and visually straightforward manner.”

The campaign is planned to run until mid-February.

Editor Notes:

About OMDtvi
OMDtvi is at the forefront of interactive TV advertising. With many successful campaigns already delivered including, Sony UK, I-Cybie, Compaq, Rimmel (Coty) and Finish Dishwasher tablets (Reckitt Benckiser) and consultancy for a number of other clients including broadcasters.

OMDtvi have a strategic partnership with BBC Broadcast, Branding and Design. Together they have created iTV campaigns for Rimmel, Finish, I-cybie and now Vodafone.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th February 2005