St Martins Lane Hotel was the setting for Digital Window’s first Round Table discussion, hosted by Digital Window’s Strategy Director and IAB AMC Chairman, Kevin Edwards.

The objective of the day was to facilitate discussions between leading members of the affiliate community regarding the most pertinent industry topics, including the current state of the affiliate channel, future remuneration models, collaboration between agencies and networks, the role of the IAB AMC, and what’s the next big thing in Affiliate Marketing?

Attended by merchants, affiliates, agencies and networks, many of whom were A4U 2010 Award winners, the conversations drew upon the extensive expertise within the sector and fuelled interesting debates all around.

Helen Southgate, Senior Online Marketing Manager at Sky commented about her initial thoughts on the future of the affiliate channel; “It’s going to be a lot more about long-term customer value and how we can use affiliates within that, how we can look at marketing to existing customers, trying to go past perhaps just the new customer acquisition, I think affiliates can add a lot of value there.”

In an effort to highlight the key areas of discussion, we have created an ezine quoting individuals on their insights into specific topics relevant to the industry. To view the ezine, follow this link:

Additionally, a full podcast of the discussion is available for free download. Follow this link to download the podcast:

We would like to thank all attendees for their interesting and thought-provoking contributions, many of which will help shape the next 12 months of developments within the affiliate space.

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Published on: 9:33AM on 4th August 2010