Past Times have just gone live with the multi-carrier management platform, MetaPack to assist in the management of their three carriers as well as provide the scalable despatch solution required for their planned growth. Adrian Spence, Head of eCommerce is already noticing positive results, “we’ve only had MetaPack installed for a couple of weeks but we are very impressed and the benefits have become immediately obvious.”

MetaPack sits between their Venda order management system and their three carriers, automatically translating orders into deliveries while communicating tracking statuses with very little manual intervention. This centralises information and streamlines the whole despatch process.

Adrian goes on to say, “the implementation was very smooth, the despatch rate has increased dramatically from our old manual process by at least 300% and any shipping errors have been eliminated.” The ability to use the rapid print function within MetaPack which automatically prints labels on the scan of a barcode on a pick slips means that Past Times can now utilise all of their pack-benches as multi-carrier dispatch areas, where as previously they were limited to the individual carrier machines to get the appropriate label.

And it is not just those in the warehouse who have felt the benefits, both Customer Services and Finance have welcomed the introduction of MetaPack. Adrian explains, “our Customer Services team love the system because customers now receive emails including their tracking number which has reduced the number of contacts. Being able to view the status of deliveries and tracking numbers in one system also results in a better service to our customers who do contact us. Our Finance Director loves the system because we are recouping the cost (and more) in time-saving alone.”

He concludes, “as a result we are confident that our despatch system will now be able to cope with our growth plans and we will be adding more delivery options for customers because of this.”

MetaPack is integrated into 23 carriers and 590 different services, meaning that once the system is in place, adding new carriers and services requires no further capital outlay and can be done in minutes.

Published on: 2:37PM on 9th August 2010