Meta-Track is an engine that that links through to MetaPack’s Delivery Management system, providing a unified, public view of tracking information and historic data for specific consignments. This engine can be branded and completely ‘skinned’ to sit seamlessly within a retailer’s website. This means that customers can check the status of their order themselves without impacting on customer service resources within the business.

Once an order has been placed and MetaPack has allocated the consignment to a carrier, an automatic email can be sent to the customer with a reference number and a URL to a tracking form on the retailer’s website. The customer can then, at any time, enter the number and be directed to a page of full tracking dates and stases as would be available in MetaPack and the carrier’s own system. Moreover private information, such as postcodes and customer names are not made available and are still kept securely. The page presented can also be fully ‘skinned’ to keep the customer’s journey consistent.

One of the MetaPack customers who have already started to use Meta-Track is Prior to using Meta-Track, SeriouslyStores would resolve tracking enquiries by going into each individual order to check the consignment details to pass on the customer, who would then have to check the carrier’s site themselves. Not only did this method put additional pressure on resources, their customer service promise suffered as a result.

Since the introduction of Meta-Track, SeriouslyStores have recorded a reduction the ‘WISMO’ (where is my order calls) by 52%. Andrew Selby, Director of SeriouslyStores adds, “we’ve received positive feedback on the overall shopping experience from purchase to delivery and we believe that MetaPack have been instrumental in that.” He goes on to say, “we’re very pleased with the advancements that MetaPack are making, particularly Meta-Track. It has been a huge advantage to our business and has enabled us to provide a professional and consistently high level of customer service.”

Published on: 2:39PM on 9th August 2010