The Website SEO Analyser app has been specially developed to provide Webmasters and site owners with an in-depth analysis of a domain’s Search Engine Optimisation wherever they may be. This free app is available for download on the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Developed by UK SEO Company Impact Media, the Website SEO Analyser is a convenient diagnostic test for any site. It provides detailed feedback on domain information, on page SEO work and link profile. Collectively this information should help you to pinpoint any issues that may be holding back your site.

Designed to be quick and easy to use, this app is entirely free and comes with no obligations. You can receive in-depth feedback on any number of domains and use it to track your progress over time. The Website SEO Analyser comes from a highly successful suite of SEO Tools originally introduced on the Impact Media website; however, this app has the distinction of being specially developed to work within the more restricted dimensions of mobile devices.

Explaining the decision to create the agency’s first app, Ben Norman, Managing Director of Impact Media, said “This is a new direction for the company. Whilst we’ve developed tools for use on the website, we haven’t ever looked to develop this off site. Until now.”

Mr Norman continued “First and foremost we feel the Website SEO Analyser will be hugely beneficial to a number of people. We wouldn’t have developed it otherwise. But we’re an expanding business and so being able to branch out and improve brand awareness through a variety of channels while performing a valuable service is a fantastic opportunity. Above all though I’m hopeful that the app will be widely used and help site owners to better optimise their domains.”

The Website SEO Analyser is available for download now from iTunes and other Apple stores. It is free to download and comes with no obligation to use the services of Impact Media. If you want to get this app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch visit iTunes at the following address or search for ‘Website SEO Analyser’:

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Published on: 3:06PM on 9th August 2010