Telerik is glad to announce the release of yet another milestone on the journey to the Sitefinity 4.0 release. The release of Sitefinity 4.0 Beta follows Telerik's commitment to deliver the most advanced web content management system while maintaining an extreme focus on usability and productivity. In the Beta, customers can see the progress in rebuilding Sitefinity from the ground up. The new architecture and API deliver a much more stable and extensible framework that allows customers and partners to be much more efficient in extending the platform and building on top of it.

The focus of Sitefinity 4.0 is on making everyone using the system much more productive as well as making Sitefinity easier and more pleasant to work with. Developers can enjoy a quick and straightforward installation, deployment and upgrade process delivered by the new Project Manager. The new Fluent API empowers them to be more productive by creating code which is self-describing and easy to read and maintain. The Sitefinity SDK (software development kit) includes some of Telerik developer productivity tools – the ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight UI control suites as well as OpenAccess ORM to help you deliver exceptional websites much faster.

Business users can interact with Sitefinity much more efficiently through the new revolutionary user interface which is very task oriented and simplifies the user interaction with the system. Advanced content classification (taxonomy) and bulk operations allow business users to be more productive when organizing and editing large volumes of content. The drag and drop content editing style of Sitefinity is now employed in page layout editing and web form creation, bringing the productivity and usability with Sitefinity to the next level.

Among the highlights of the Sitefinity 4.0 Beta release are:

- Forms module, which allows you to create even the most complex web forms by simply dragging, dropping and configuring different form elements;
- Revolutionary digital asset management platform for working with images, documents, video and data files
- Enhanced RSS and Atom syndication for Blogs;
- Advanced content versioning with version compare;
- Improvements in the analytics module, which now features many new reports;
- Fluent API, which significantly improves developer productivity.

“Not long after the premier of Sitefinity 4.0 with the CTP version released in April, we are excited about this next milestone release of the Beta,” says Ivan Osmak, Sitefinity Lead Developer.” With the Sitefinity 4.0 Beta we want to show our progress and invite the Sitefinity community to review the new functionality and start working with the Beta in real-life projects. We are always dedicated to involving the community in every stage of the development process, so we would like to hear your feedback as we progress towards the official release of Sitefinity 4.0.”

The Sitefinity SDK makes the developers’ work easier by providing useful articles and code samples for creating modules, widgets, and website templates. The Sitefinity SDK includes the Telerik award-winning RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and RadControls for Silverlight product suites as well as OpenAccess – Telerik’s enterprise-grade .Net ORM. To take advantage of these resources and ready-to-use development tools, download the Sitefinity 4.0 Beta SDK from here ( .

Using the Sitefinity SDK, you can start working with Sitefinity 4.0 in real-life projects today. The current Beta version will be upgradable to the Sitefinity 4.0 CMS official release which is expected to ship later this year. Telerik will also release regular internal builds aimed to provide frequent previews of the product development.

For more information, please visit the Sitefinity 4.0 Beta page (

Published on: 8:18AM on 16th August 2010