- Major European agencies choose Marin Software’s new Facebook Optimisation Platform -

Marin Software, the leading provider of enterprise-class paid search management platforms, has today announced the release of advanced applications for Facebook® Advertising. The new platform allows advertisers and agencies to integrate and manage Facebook Ads alongside paid search programs on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. ZenithOptimedia and Phd are the first European agencies to implement Marin’s Facebook application to manage campaigns for their clients.

As well as offering integrated cross-channel optimisation and reporting for search and social advertising campaigns, the platform offers an advanced bidding algorithm with goals including Cost Per Lead (CPL), Return on Spend (RoS) and even engagement metrics. Additionally, automated segmentation reporting means advertisers can identify their best performing demographics right down to likes and interests, whilst automated creative rotation helps combat ad blindness and improve Click Through Rates (CTRs).

Nick Graham, Head of Search, at ZenithOptimedia commented: “Facebook campaigns are continuing to become more complex as the advertising platform increases in maturity. In much the same way Marin has done for search they are untangling these complexities using technology, meaning we can manage campaigns a lot more efficiently and optimise them a lot more effectively.”

Nick Ellsom, Head of Search, at Phd added: “Whilst there are other technology platforms out there to manage Facebook campaigns, none of them integrate Facebook advertising with search in quite the same way Marin does. From our perspective this is important as it plays to our strengths, and assists in our continuing drive to integrate across channels.”

Ed Stevenson, European MD at Marin Software continued: “As large scale marketers expand their advertising programs to include more Facebook ads, they require a platform to ensure their marketing investments are spent effectively. We see a lot of similarities in the management of paid search campaigns and Facebook campaigns, so this launch is aimed at helping our clients using Marin Search Marketer to integrate the management of the two channels, as well as boost performance and efficiency. We’re pleased to see a number of agencies are seeing the benefits of this launch, as well as our paid search platform.”

This news comes after Marin Software’s European headcount has increased by 300% since the start of 2010, due to the 130 client campaigns that are now run in the region on the Marin Search Marketer platform.

Published on: 3:00PM on 17th August 2010