Fernhart is the first commercial company to complete the BBC’s bespoke training courses for DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) production and development in the UK.

Fernhart New Media is already recognised as a leading supplier in the DiTV space: The Company is a contracted supplier to BskyB plc; is one of the six ITVi roster members and Sporting Index exclusive DiTV developers.

This is a significant strategic step for Fernhart: The Company is now one of a very select few that can develop enhanced applications, not only for the BBC, but the company also hopes for any broadcaster in the world rolling out DTT technology.

“Britain (in particular the BBC) leads the world in DTT ETV (Enhanced TV) development,” said Daren Forsyth, Managing Director of Fernhart New Media. “The BBC's credentials to date are unequalled. A training arrangement with the BBC is not only a route for great learning, but for staff motivation and their own self esteem too.” Fernhart takes another solid step toward being a market leader of DiTV service delivery. “With our training completed we hope to be delivering a DTT ETV application very soon,” added Forsyth.

“It’s very exciting for us to deliver tailored training designed in partnership with an innovative interactive TV company like Fernhart, said Nigel Paine, Head of BBC Training & Development. “This is a perfect example of how BBC Training & Development is training the industry, helping companies prepare for new opportunities in the public as well as the commercial sector,” concluded Paine.

Most of Fernhart’s expertise to date has been in creating 24:7 DSAT applications on the Sky platform. Fernhart will move into a different space building Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) enhanced TV applications (ETV).

BBC Training & Development offers training across the BBC and, as a public broadcaster, it also has an external remit to share BBC expertise and experience with the industry. BBC Training & Development launched a new interactive programming training portfolio in November 2004 and Fernhart was the first external company in the UK to participate by tailoring a course specifically for its own needs.

Fernhart’s DiTV History

1999 Launches Domino’s Pizza on Open….

May 2001 One of the first agencies to deploy on the Sky WTVML platform (Domino’s Pizza)

July 2001 Fernhart becomes 4Star developer for the Sky Platform

August 2001 Commissioned to design Sky Marketplace – A multiple retail vendor shopping portal on Sky Platform

2002 Fernhart takes over and redesigns Toto Pools service

2003 Commissioned by Sky to redesign, create a database driven backend, host and support Sky Cinema with an additional What’s On guide

2003 Hired by the Scottish Executive to build a service on the Sky Platform, Fernhart host and support the service

2003 Fernhart wins Sporting Index Spread Betting project which launches in 2004

2004 Scottish Executive Pilot Launched

2004 Sporting Index Spread Betting Service Launched

2004 Sky Cinema re-launched

2004 Sky What’s On Guide launched

A member of the Sky Interactive Developers’ Programme, Fernhart was one of the first independent agencies to develop services for the Sky platform. This has led to the company creating a specific process for all its WTVML developments. The process is developed around Sky Interactive’s best practices and Fernhart’s project management principles. It is designed to be a failsafe framework for the development of interactive services for the Sky platform, ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget and on spec.

About Fernhart New Media

Fernhart New Media is a digital solutions provider working in partnership with industry-leading clients. Committed to achieving significant return on investment, Fernhart delivers award-winning, cross-platform digital solutions time and time again. Fernhart’s clients include Domino’s Pizza, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Petplan, PR Shots and Sky Interactive. For more information on Fernhart, visit its website at http://www.fernhart.com

About BBC Training & Development

BBC Training and Development is the world’s most renowned broadcast training organisation offering training and development across within the BBC as well as to the UK and global industry. In 2004 the organisation arranged over 83, 000 training days across Television, Radio, Broadcast Technology, New Media, Leadership Development, IT skills and Health and Safety.

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Helena Liden, BBC Training & Development T: +44 20 720 89302 M: 07798 871 585


Published on: 12:00AM on 11th February 2005