London — 26 August 2010 — Marketers increasingly rely on performance marketing for their online campaigns, as this model enables brands and advertisers to manage and maximise return on ad spend and grow their businesses. To that end, Webtrends today introduced Webtrends Ads, the next generation of Webtrends Ad Director, offering marketers an end-to-end, data-driven solution for creating, measuring and improving performance marketing acquisition across global search networks, the Google Display Network, and Facebook Ads in one easy-to-use, integrated tool.

Webtrends Ads: Optimising Performance Marketing

Combining Marin Software’s industry-leading campaign management platform and Webtrends digital marketing optimisation products and services, Webtrends Ads is the most comprehensive performance marketing solution available. Offering sophisticated algorithms, fully integrated analytics and expert optimisation services across multiple conversion metrics or margin-based bid goals, the integrated solution provides maximised, end-to-end performance, including landing page optimisation and behavior-based personalisation of content.

“As an industry-leader in campaign management, Marin is the ideal technology platform to leverage to deliver the best performance marketing optimisation solution possible to our customers,” said Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends. “By integrating two best-of-breed technologies and expert Webtrends digital optimisation services to create Webtrends Ads, we continue to deliver cutting-edge, relevant and unique capabilities that marketers need. This marks another exciting step for Webtrends as we work to empower marketers to create, measure, improve and manage their content across numerous digital channels.”

Facebook Ads: A New Way to Maximise Results

Managing and optimising large-scale advertising programs on Facebook is a challenge for marketers. Furthermore, bidding accurately to meet performance or engagement goals is critical to the success of Facebook marketing programs, but the process of calculating bids can be time-consuming and error-prone. Webtrends Ads offers first-of-its-kind data-driven management of Facebook Ads and is now the first company to offer application and ad creation, bid optimisation and measurement for Facebook in a single platform, making it well-armed to help customers tackle their emerging Facebook marketing initiatives.

“The proliferation of analtyics tools, content platforms and publisher channels has made the process of digital marketing extremely complex and fragmented for the advertiser,” said Chris Lien, Founder and CEO, Marin Software. “By integrating our leading campaign management platform with the analytics, optimisation and social marketing tools available from Webtrends, advertisers can now easily manage their digital marketing efforts using consistent business metrics across the enterprise and deliver increased financial performance, efficiency and control.”

Global Marketing Made Easy

The new Webtrends Ads will provide clients with support for international campaigns, with a localised interface, and will offer expanded publisher coverage across paid search, mobile search, Facebook Ads, and the Google Display Network. The new platform is available in English, German, French and Japanese, and provides multi-byte and multi-currency support, enabling trafficking of keywords for campaigns anywhere in the world. Future platform extension will include support for Baidu, Naver and other emerging API-enabled networks, making Webtrends Ads a comprehensive solution to optimise performance marketing globally.


The new Webtrends Ads will be available for new accounts in October, with upgrades to existing Webtrends Ad Director accounts beginning immediately.

Published on: 5:23PM on 26th August 2010