-Speed-Trap’s Version 7.1 now provides ‘real-time triggers’ and ‘real-time push’ components that enable developers to build trigger-based software products and applications that will use a web visitor’s real-time behavior and long-term history to trigger calls to web service interfaces or marketing automation tools or to push content into the visitor’s web pages in real-time-

3rd September 2010: Speed-Trap, the online customer insight provider, has today launched new software components that provide in-house IT departments, system developers and OEMs with the ability to build online products and applications that have in-built, real-time, triggers that can push content into a page or call external systems based on the actions or history of each individual visitor.

These components mean that developers can deliver applications that provide highly sophisticated levels of real-time personalization and interactivity without incurring the costs and complexity traditionally involved in developing this sort of solution.

Example applications include: development of cross-channel programs which drive alerts to call-centre operators for immediate action in response to visitors’ actions; enable text, images or video content to be “pushed” into the pages, in real-time, without needing to change the website; web-to-store or web-to-email applications that send promotional offers or even offers of help to the visitor, in real-time, while they are still online.

Developers will appreciate the way that Speed-Trap’s components takeover the “heavy-lifting” involved in developing these types of applications. Version 7.1 will dramatically reduce development and deployment times by providing an integrated solution that captures the data on the visitor’s interactions, compiles long-term and real-time views of this data, and provides the trigger and push functions. Developers will also appreciate the way Speed-Trap systems can be deployed as a ‘bolt-on option’ to existing sites, delivering personalization and real-time interaction for existing sites, without requiring any “back-end integration” with the web server or content management system.

Malcolm Duckett, VP Operations at Speed-Trap, comments “Speed-Trap 7.1’s tools allow developers to rapidly add the latest levels of real-time personalization and interactivity to existing web sites, without having to modify the existing site in any way!”

The business-logic-based triggering and real-time ‘actioning’ functions of Version 7.1 dramatically simplify the building of the most complex applications. Version 7.1’s components can be used to build cross-channel marketing programs; closed-loop personalized marketing projects; and even real-time, on-line fraud identification and handling applications, using external decisioning engines to evaluate each individual transaction.

Version 7.1 lets developers empower e-commerce Managers, Marketers, and even Finance teams with applications that can deliver relevant content or take relevant actions in real-time, whilst the visitor or customer is actually still online.

Duckett explains, “Analysts and customers have described Version 7.1 as ‘disruptive technology’ – it rewrites the rules on what can be realistically achieved by mainstream on-line and multi-channel organizations… Version 7.1 puts the personalization and interactivity of the most well recognized online brands into reach!”

Duckett adds, “Imagine being able to dynamically change the webpage based upon what your visitor is interested in – based on what they searched for, what they looked at and what they started to put in their basket or the form they started to complete. We provide the mechanism and alerts in real-time that let you make offers, change content or even contact your telesales team automatically. This is now all possible to do while the visitor is still on the website, dramatically improving the potential to complete transactions which might otherwise remain incomplete, such as a finance application or a multiple sales item.”

Duckett concludes, “With this technology, it is now possible to drive closed-loop marketing applications that allow you to get the right outcomes. By proactively pushing content to the visitor while they are still on your site, that is personalized according to their activity both now and in previous sessions, or by triggering other marketing activities - such as tele-sales or email marketing - true online customer engagement can be achieved and sales are more and more likely.”


About Speed-Trap

Speed-Trap is a provider of software that uses Web 2.0 technology to capture and analyze interaction at the user interface – whatever the device e.g. mobile, iPhone, PDA, gaming console, or technology deployed e.g. webpage, Adobe AIR, Silverlight, Flash, Flex, AJAX etc. – to deliver complete real-time data on every visitor and user of all your online applications – complete online customer insight.

Speed-Trap’s systems have come to define a new approach to the integration of online applications into an enterprise’s Information Architecture. The system’s User Interface Capture functionality provides a definitive, flexible and reusable source of customer, behavioral, process and performance data from any internet, intranet or extranet application.

Speed-Trap’s customers use their patented and tag-free Dynamic Collection™ solutions to drive applications as diverse as Fraud Detection, Marketing Automation, Campaign Measurement, Usability & Design, CRM systems and Web Analytics.

With options to directly populate Enterprise Data warehouses via its partnership with Teradata, it represents the leading edge of advanced online channel data capture, analysis and delivery systems. Companies like The SAS Institute utilizes Speed-Trap’s technology in their SAS for Customer Experience Analytics product that couples their world-class analytics, marketing tools with Speed-Trap technology to provide integrated cross-channel marketing and customer insight.

Based in the UK, Speed-Trap delivers its solutions directly and via a range of OEM, reseller and system integration partners around the world. Direct customers include AXA, Belron (Autoglass), directgov, P&O Ferries, PC World Business and ghd. Speed-Trap’s partners include the SAS Institute, IS Solutions PLC, Teradata Corporation, OnMarc, BIMA Consulting.

Published on: 10:00AM on 3rd September 2010