Grants are available for small businesses in England for Internet marketing training, and P&S Healthcare is using their training grant to improve its visibility for its range of incontinence products.

P & S Healthcare ( is a leading supplier and manufacturer of adult and children’s incontinence pants, and they knew they weren’t seeing the full benefit of their online marketing efforts. They needed higher rankings in Google for their key phrases, and needed to know how to make the most of their AdWords account.

So the managers applied for a training grant through Business Link and received bespoke SEO and PPC training from Wayne Barker, SEO Executive at Hallam Communications.

Wayne spent time talking with the managers about how Internet Marketing can help them to achieve their business goals. He says “Following on from our initial training sessions, P & S Healthcare are making good progress with their PPC campaigns, and are getting more orders.

"I’d advise any business who wants to grow their business online to apply for a training grant for bespoke coaching. Funding is currently still available, and we can help managers and owners to understand how they can grow their business through the Internet.”

The team at Hallam Communications has worked with many different businesses who have received Train to Gain grant funding. Every client receives training tailored to their exact needs – from improving conversion rates from AdWords to driving quality traffic using SEO.

Some of the clients who have benefited from grant funding schemes include:

• Heights of Abraham – on email marketing, social media and improving site design to encourage conversions

• Better Languages – how to generate quality links

• Harold Potter – understanding the basics of SEO and how that can give your business a competitive edge

• Get Back Supplies – how link building can increase rankings & how to find links that count

• Sea Band Ltd – understanding SEO.

Katie Saxon, recently gave one to one coaching to Peppercorn Catering, who received grant funding to learn more about Social Media. She commented “The owner felt Facebook had a lot to offer her business, and she was disappointed by the lack of engagement in their Fan page.
By the end of our first training day she understood how to use the software that she already had on her laptop to create engaging custom landing pages. More importantly, she understood how to attract more fans and how they could help her business grow.”

At the moment funding is still available offering training grants to business leaders who want to use Internet Marketing to build their business. Interested businesses should call Hallam Communications on 0115 853 2885.

Learn more about the Internet marketing training grants at

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Published on: 5:32PM on 13th September 2010