Third Light has released a new white paper, providing practical advice on metadata and the latest tagging technologies used in Digital Asset Management (DAM).

As more organisations adopt Digital Asset Management to save time and cost when handling digital media, the resourcing needed to populate the metadata has grown significantly. In this white paper, we reflect closely on the experiences of clients in this situation and how to make sense of the metadata tools at your disposal.

"My aim with this paper is to offer realistic advice on how to adopt metadata in your digital asset management workflow, while avoiding becoming lost in the technicalities or the breadth of possibilities. With a focus on using Adobe XMP and managing visual assets, this paper is aimed at the real-world digital librarian in a corporate marketing environment."

Michael Wells
Managing Director, Third Light Ltd.

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About Third Light Ltd

Third Light is a software innovation business, founded in 2002 in Cambridge, UK. Third Light Intelligent Media Server (IMS) is a Digital Asset Management system, designed for businesses to establish a central library to store, display, search and share digital media.

Key clients include Nike, Inc., Xstrata AG, Royal Mail Group Ltd, the American Psychological Association (APA), Combisafe, RR Donnelly, Interserve plc, Brand Design International (BDI) and Mars Foods.

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Published on: 3:47PM on 14th September 2010