Atlanta, Georgia | June 21-24, 2011

Next year the UPA conference will explore an important theme, as we identify our place and role in an ever changing world. Our societies are evolving, our lives are being enriched with ever increasing choices, services and technology and as these changes take place the experience of being a human is also changing.

• What is the user experience of your society, or your culture, of your job and of your role as a family member or friend?
• Is it changing for the better or for the worse? Or will we have to wait and see?
• Did anyone think about these changes ahead of time? Were they planned? Was there a design process? Or is it all an accidental side effect, a random throw of the dice, an unstructured chaos?

Undoubtedly, some things are planned whereas others are surprises, unknown to us until they actually happen, but perhaps there is a question here for all who are involved in the design of new technologies, services and user experiences: should we be planning for social change? Should it be part of our design process and repertoire of skills? After all when we design these artefacts we are in fact designing the future experience of our own societies. In emerging markets we are designing the future experience of other cultures. Should we be taking more care in anticipating the consequences of what we create?

For UPA, this is the start of a journey into this theme. We invite all who have an interest in User Experience to join the debate, leading up to the conference, at the conference and beyond.

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Published on: 3:49PM on 15th September 2010