Velocity Partners, the B2B marketing agency, today published their new eBook, "The B2B Marketing Manifesto: Five Imperatives and Six Staples for Winning the Battle for Attention".

The free eBook is a call to action for B2B marketers stuck in the old 'interruption-based' model, showing:

-- Why marketing is the new engine of every B2B company
-- Why the job is now all about the sales pipeline
-- How the new digital marketing mindset has changed everything
-- The five imperatives for every B2B marketer
-- The six B2B Staples that marketers need to master today

The piece is a direct, irreverent look at the challenges and opportunities faced by B2B marketers in a landscape totally transformed by the Internet and the new B2B purchase journey.

To download it, visit:


About Velocity

Velocity helps B2B companies develop compelling stories, then drive those stories into the market through content marketing and largely (but not exclusively) digital campaigns.

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Published on: 1:54PM on 21st September 2010